The 10 Best Mood-Boosting House Plants for Any Room

If you’ve ever breathed in the aroma of a rose bouquet or gazed in awe at a camellia’s splendor, you are aware of how uplifting nature can be. Actually, a plethora of studies have demonstrated the health benefits of spending time in nature and among plants. According to studies, having more plants in the house can boost mental health, lower stress levels, and even improve sleep, which naturally makes us happier and less irritable.

Since we have such a strong bond with nature, it doesn’t take much to make us happy: According to a new analysis, spending just 20 minutes around flowers or leafy plants might increase positive emotions and decrease negative ones. According to other studies, people feel more at ease and at peace in rooms with plants than in ones without. According to some research, plants with purple, red, or pink hues may be particularly beneficial for elevating mood.

Even though spending time in your garden or outside is always a good way to cheer yourself up, adding house plants to any area in your house will make it feel cozier and friendlier. Adding actual plants to our homes (sorry, artificial ones aren’t as effective!) is a simple method to quickly make any area feel cozier, especially when a staggering 90% of us spend our time indoors.

There are lots of low-maintenance houseplants that give you the desired feel-good vibe without needing a lot of care, even if you’re not the most skilled plant parent. Learn which plants are ideal for any home to improve mood by reading on.

The 10 Best Mood-Boosting House Plants for Any Room
The 10 Best Mood-Boosting House Plants for Any Room

Nothing is more cheery than aglaonema, with its vibrant bursts of pink, red, and white on a green backdrop.  Aglaonema

Heart leaf philodendron has delicate, heart-shaped leaves and an appealing vining form; if you want a vertical accent, grow it up a moss pole. This plant is great for novices because it is so easy to cultivate.  Heart Leaf Philodendron

Snake plants are a remarkable addition to any space because of their erect, architectural appearance.  Snake Plant One of the easiest plants to cultivate is the philodendron, and as a floor plant, its size may be really striking.  Moonlight Philodendron

This adorable plant that mimics one of your favorite pieces of jewelry is timeless, just like pearls.  String of Pearl With glossy green foliage and an upright structure, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, often known as the ZZ plant, is a low-maintenance plant that requires just occasional watering. It can withstand low light levels.  ZZ Plant

The 10 Best Mood-Boosting House Plants for Any Room
The 10 Best Mood-Boosting House Plants for Any Room

Dieffenbachia has long been a dependable plant; this new variety features attractive spotted foliage with a strong crested mid-rib that runs down the rear of each leaf, resembling the ridges of a crocodile.  Crocodile Dieffenbachia

Pothos is an excellent choice for beginners as it requires very little care and has heart-shaped leaves with a lovely vining habit.  Golden Pothos

This vibrant plant features striking red veins and vivid stripes; interestingly, at night the foliage folds up like hands in prayer.  Prayer Plant Huge golden-green leaves, some as long as two feet, adorn this easy-to-grow philodendron, which adds brightness to any space.  Golden Crocodile Philodendron

Also known as fern leaf philodendron, this new variety’s wild foliage is sure to put a grin on your face as it unfolds new growth that has a coppery color and a curly structure.  Tortum Philodendron

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