Taylor Swift sells the ‘Eras Tour’ concert film rights to Disney+ for about $75 million.

Despite the success of her Eras Tour, Taylor Swift continues to make money off of it. According to Puck News, which cites anonymous sources, Disney is paying the singer-songwriter-entrepreneur well over seventy-five million dollars to broadcast “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version)” exclusively on Disney+ around the globe. The report indicates that Disney made a higher bid for the streaming rights than both Netflix and Universal Pictures, which were responsible for the digital and video-on-demand distribution of the film.

Disney has chosen not to comment on the streaming contract for “The Eras Tour,” which will include five songs that were not included in the earlier versions of the film. In response to a request for comment, a representative from Swift did not immediately react.

“Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” which had its wide theatrical release on October 13, collected a total of $261.7 million at the box office around the world, making it the highest-grossing concert film to date. Beginning on August 3, 2023, the film was shot at the first three gigs of the Eras tour that took place in Los Angeles. The theatrical release, which lasted approximately two hours and forty-five minutes, left out some songs from the performances.

Taylor Swift sells the ‘Eras Tour’ concert film rights to Disney+ for about $75 million.

The freshly enlarged edition of “The Eras Tour” will make its premiere on Disney+ on March 15th. One of the bonus songs that will be included on the streamer is “Cardigan,” which is from Taylor Swift’s album “Folklore,” which will be released in 2020.

Additionally, there will be four acoustic songs, although neither Swift nor Disney has disclosed what those songs are. “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” “Maroon,” “You Are in Love,” and “I Can See You” are the four acoustic “surprise songs” that Taylor Swift performed during her three appearances at Los Angeles’s SoFi Stadium, which were shot for the film and were not included in the original cut.

According to Variety’s analysis of the performances, these songs are most likely the ones that she performed.
“We know the audience is going to absolutely love the chance to relive the electrifying ‘Taylor Swift: Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version)’ whenever they want on Disney+,” Disney boss Bob Iger said on the company’s earnings call on Wednesday. “We know the audience is going to love the chance to relive the amazing Tour.”

Swift’s documentary performance film “Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions,” which was initially released in 2020, is presently available to stream on Disney+. Swift has signed a deal with Disney’s Searchlight Pictures through which she will make her debut as a director of a feature film. The arrangement is based on Swift’s original script, the specifics of which are being kept under wraps.

Taylor Swift sells the ‘Eras Tour’ concert film rights to Disney+ for about $75 million.

On the thirteenth of December, which is also Swift’s birthday, the digital release of “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” was made available. This version, which was issued by Universal, featured three bonus songs that were not played in theaters. These songs were “Wildest Dreams,” “The Archer,” and “Long Live.” As a result, the total running duration of the film was increased to three hours and one minute.

Swift made history at the Grammy Awards this past Sunday when she won Album of the Year for her song “Midnights.” This was her record-setting fourth win in the category, and she also announced that she will be releasing her next studio album to be titled “The Tortured Poets Department.” This week has been a very exciting one for the billionaire.

According to forecasts made by Pollstar, a journal used in the live music industry, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour brought in an estimated one billion dollars in gross ticket sales in 2023. It is anticipated that through 2024, the tour will bring in more than two billion dollars.

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