Sophie Skelton stars in Hollywood thriller after Outlander.

The Hollywood Reporter states that filmmaker Matthew Losasso’s project, which is dubbed a thriller, will star Bella Dayne from Humans, Akshay Khanna from Red, White & Royal Blue, and Mark Trepan from Before We Die.

The narrative centers on a lady who washes up on a blood-stained rowboat and has to piece together her memories to establish her innocence while her crewmates are thought to be dead.

“Despite the impression of an endless ocean in every direction, the Valiant’s limited space leads to intense drama and paranoia,” Losasso remarked. “The script is incredibly ambitious and captivating.

Why Outlander Took a Huge, Emotional Departure from the Books | Vanity Fair

“Throw in a twisty dark plot, intricate techniques to avoid green screen backdrops, a commitment to capture the rugged beauty of ocean landscapes, and the constraints of independent filmmaking, as if filming on water wasn’t enough of a challenge.”

Nick Skaugan’s script Row is scheduled to start production in Scotland next month, utilizing a built-in tank to minimize the need for visual effects.

Outlander's Sophie Skelton on Brianna's Time Traveling, Wearing a Corset & Scenes With Tobias Menzies

Fans of Outlander, which is presently in the middle of its two-part seventh season, will recognize Skelton from her role as Brianna Fraser.

“That’s one thing I think we’re really priding ourselves on now for Outlander and really leaning into it – the storylines aren’t necessarily the expected ones,” the actress hinted in an interview with Radio Times, ahead of the show’s June premiere.

You’re all on an even playing field, regardless of whether you’ve read the novels or not. We are going to play with your emotions and give you a little emotional roller coaster. We are all in the same boat, therefore. A bumpy ride is ahead of you.”


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