Sophie Skelton, Bella Dayne, and Akshay Khanna to Lead British Thriller ‘Row’ (Exclusive)

Starring as a woman who washes up on a blood-stained rowing boat, the film directed by Matthew Losasso and written by Nick Skaugen, features stars from the television series Outlander, Troy: Fall of a City, and Red, White & Royal Blue.

In preproduction, Row, a U.K. thriller, is starring Sophie Skelton (Outlander, Blackbird), Bella Dayne (Troy: Fall of a City, Humans), and Akshay Khanna (Red, White & Royal Blue, Chloe). Filming is expected to begin in Scotland in the coming weeks.

Sophie Skelton, Bella Dayne, Akshay Khanna to Lead Thriller Movie 'Row' – The Hollywood Reporter

The story of the movie, which marks the feature debuts of writer Nick Skaugen and director Matthew Losasso, centers on a lady who washes up on the beach in a blood-stained rowing boat. She needs to try to put together her fragmented memories of the incident in order to prove her innocence because all of her crew members are gone and thought to be dead. Additionally, Mark Strepan from Before We Die has joined the cast.

Even though it looks like an endless ocean in every direction, the Valiant’s lack of space leads to intense drama and paranoia. “It’s an incredibly ambitious and captivating script,” Losasso remarked. “Throw in a twisty dark plot, intricate techniques to avoid green screen backdrops, a commitment to capturing the rugged beauty of ocean landscapes, and the constraints of independent filmmaking, as if filming on the water wasn’t enough of a challenge.”

Sophie Skelton, Bella Dayne, and Akshay Khanna to Lead British Thriller 'Row' (Exclusive) - wilders cafe

Row is shooting in the Scottish Highlands starting in September for primary photography. To reduce dependency on visual effects in postproduction, the production team built a custom water tank at the ocean’s edge. This will allow action scenes to be shot “in-camera” and on the sea in a cinematic manner, which the producers think will help preserve the elements’ unadulterated authenticity. Alex Jones Nash has been the production designer in charge of the tank’s design.

Alongside line producer Matt Schechter, Skaugen produces.

Cultivate Entertainment, Agenteur Vogel, and Identity Agency Group represent Dayne. Alchemy and Independent Talent Group represent Skelton. Empire Artists Agency represents Skaugen. Additionally, Independent Talent Group represents Khanna and Strepan.

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