Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin of ‘Outlander’ discuss Brianna and Roger’s’very final farewell’.

There will be huge spoilers for season seven, episode two of the Starz drama “Outlander.”
Insider spoke with Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin about Brianna and Roger’s decision to leave Fraser’s Ridge.

The second episode of season seven of “Outlander” was all about introductions and goodbyes.With the Revolutionary War in full swing, Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) redcoat-wearing son William Ransom (Charles Vandervaart) had his first contact with the Frasers, allowing him to meet his half-sister Brianna MacKenzie (Sophie Skelton).

Sophie Skelton And Richard Rankin Of 'Outlander' Discuss Brianna And Roger'S'Very Final Farewell'.

In other news, Allan Christie (Alexander Vlahos) reappeared in the aftermath of Malva’s (Jessica Reynolds) murder, only to meet his end after confessing to the crime.

Both were unexpected, but one subplot that viewers did see coming in this episode was the birth of Brianna and Roger’s (Richard Rankin) second child, a daughter named Amanda.

Even yet, when Claire (Caitrona Balfe) discovers that her new grandchild has a heart issue that exceeds her ability level as a surgeon, the story takes an unexpected turn. She informs the couple that their daughter requires contemporary medication or she would die.

Outlander' stars Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin break down Brianna and Roger's 'very final farewell' | Business Insider India

By the end of the episode, Brianna and Roger had made the heartbreaking decision to return through the stones to their own time period, which Skelton and Rankin tell Insider is a pretty final decision.

Skelton stated that she believes Brianna will see her mother and father for the last time. She claimed she acted out the moment in which they exchange their parting words at Ocracoke’s stone circle.

“With Mandy’s heart issue, they’re not going to want to bring her back,” she said. “And then there’s the safety of them being in that time with the American Revolution around the corner.”

Which parents would willingly put their kids in that situation? It’s really a very definitive goodbye, in my opinion.”

Outlander: Roger and Brianna are 'calm amongst the chaos' in season 6

Though Brianna and Roger won’t be thinking about it anytime soon, her costar and on-screen spouse Rankin stated that he at least believes “there’s maybe a glimmer of hope” that the Fraser’s Ridge quartet could be joined again in the future.

“It’s supposed to be a pretty horrific experience, so I don’t think they can entertain the idea that they can just commute with Jemmy and Mandy,” he thought to himself.

“It’s not necessarily one you can guarantee the outcome of either,” he thought about.

However, Roger and Brianna had attempted to travel through the stones and return to their own era before. When they made an attempt to do so in season five, they discovered that it wasn’t the right moment.

During that initial attempt, Skelton stated, “they were tethered back to Jamie and Claire and the life they’ve built on the ridge.”

Outlander' Stars Sophie Skelton & Richard Rankin on 'Solid' Season 6 Dynamic

But this time, their quest is successful because of the depth of their love for one another.

“What’s interesting is usually they say you need somebody on the other side of the stones to pull you through, but I think this time it comes from the two of them going through together,” Skelton said.

“There’s no one pulling them through the specific era — I guess they could be thinking of Joe, the surgeon — but it’s not quite the same,” she said. It’s more about how much they love their child and how urgently they feel this way. To preserve their family, they must return.”

Rankin concurred, saying, “It’s not really a decision, it’s a necessity.”

'Outlander' Star Sophie Skelton on What it Means for Brianna to Be Back in the Future - Parade

For the first time since season four, the program will have two concurrent timelines: one in 1776 and the other in the early 1980s, now that Roger and Brianna are back in their own era.

After spending the previous few seasons filming largely outside on the “Outlander” set in the Highlands while donning numerous historical costumes, Skelton and Rankin were happy to see a change.

“For once, it was enjoyable to film at a studio! Skelton remarked, “It just felt so different.”

Regarding their characters’ new ’80s looks—Brianna gets a new hairstyle, Roger wears a lot of corduroy—Rankin remarked that filming the upcoming episodes “almost felt like a different show.”

“It’s nice in season seven to have something so fresh, a different storyline completely,” he stated. “It was like our own little world.”

The second episode of season seven of “Outlander” can be seen on the Starz app right now. It also airs on Starz on Friday at 8 p.m.

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