Some $2 bills are worth over $20,000 – here are three methods to find out.

One of the biggest auction companies in the world, Heritage Auctions, claims that the value of some uncirculated U.S. $2 notes may reach $20,000. However, this value is dependent on a few other criteria. It’s also likely that you have one hidden in your kitchen junk drawer or wallet. How come? because keeping these specific banknotes is something that many of us are obsessed with.

“Because they believe $2 notes are noticeably rare, Americans don’t spend them. But the data tells us a different thing,” Heritage Auctions vice president Dustin Johnston said to MarketWatch. In the past five years alone, 100 million $2 notes have been produced. It’s a little strange that they are retained as souvenirs and don’t circulate. There aren’t many of them with collector or numismatic worth.

Some $2 bills are worth more than $20,000 — here are three ways to check - MarketWatch

It follows that your own legal cash in that denomination is probably worth face value since $2 notes are so common. Still, it can’t hurt to see whether it’s worth more, can it?What distinguishes the $2 notes that may be worth a lot, then? It all boils down to three things: the quality of the banknotes, their printing date, and their serial numbers.

The largest number is the serial number. Usually with a letter at the front, it is printed on the left and right sides of the bill’s front. Johnston stated, “We look for nice serial numbers.” A 1976 $2 note with serial number “1” would be valued at least $20,000. However, 1976 $2 notes are worth merely face value to most of those who hold them. Very few genuinely go above and beyond face value. Additional valuable serial numbers are those that collectors refer to as “solid” or “ladders.” Ladder numbers have their digits stated in ascending sequence, as 12345678910, whereas solid serial numbers have all the same digits, like 88888888888.

Your $2 bills could be worth over $20,000 — here's how to check

Additionally, older $2 banknotes are typically rarer than more recent ones, as one might expect. Bills that collectors deem “older” date back more than a century.

The large size notes [from] 1918 and before will hold the most of the value, aside from the beautiful serial numbers. 1918s are a regular occurrence. According to Johnston, they usually begin around $80 to $100 and increase from there. “Much over 99% of the more recent ones, from the 1920s onward, will be worth slightly more than face value.”

It’s not as easy as stating that a $2 note with more age on it will necessarily be more valuable, though, as rarity may also be influenced by the number of bills created in a given year and the overall amount in circulation.

Your $2 bills could be worth over $20,000 — here's how to check

Condition is the final important thing that consumers should consider when purchasing a $2 note. A $2 note that is torn and wrinkled from a valuable year, like 1880, will not be as valuable as one that is in excellent shape. To aid with preservation, banknotes can be graded and encased, much like other valuables. Usually, collectibles like as notes that are sold at auction are graded.

“Grading can be costly; each note may cost $20 to $30. Johnston stated, “Therefore, we don’t always have everything graded. Condition is not everything since many recent $2 notes contain marginal values that make them unworthy of being evaluated, even if they might be crisp uncirculated and score rather well.Collectibles are graded by a number of organisations, including PCGS and PSA.


The $2 note has been around since 1862. Early iterations of the money bear the portraits of Alexander Hamilton and subsequently Thomas Jefferson. Since there will probably be more $2 notes created in the upcoming years, Johnston advises against hoarding today’s $2 bills in the hopes that they may increase in value in the future.

“We should hang on to the common ones for another thirty years since they are currently common and most likely will remain so,” he stated. “Spending them now or putting them in the bank is virtually preferable to hanging onto them.”

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