Season 2 of ‘1883’ is on the way, and Taylor Sheridan will tell more Dutton stories in ‘1932’

The eagerly anticipated announcement of the second season of “1883” has sent waves of excitement through fans of the hit Western drama series “Yellowstone.” Creator Taylor Sheridan, known for his compelling storytelling and visually stunning productions, is set to continue the epic saga of the Dutton family in a new series titled “1932.” This development has ignited anticipation among viewers, promising a captivating journey through history and the American West.

“1883,” the prequel to the immensely popular “Yellowstone” series, made its debut in December 2021, immediately captivating audiences with its enthralling narrative and breathtaking cinematography. The series serves as a precursor to the events of “Yellowstone,” delving into the origins of the Dutton family in the late 1800s. The storyline revolves around their perilous trek from Texas to Montana as they seek a better life for themselves and their children, setting the stage for the gripping drama that unfolds in “Yellowstone.”


Taylor Sheridan, known for his masterful storytelling, has become synonymous with creating narratives that resonate deeply with audiences. His ability to craft rich character development and weave intricate plotlines has been a driving force behind the success of both “Yellowstone” and its prequel “1883.” Fans can expect more of Sheridan’s signature storytelling in the upcoming series “1932,” as the narrative continues to unfold against the backdrop of historical events.

The decision to explore the year 1932 opens up new possibilities for the storyline, providing a unique vantage point into a crucial period in American history. The Great Depression had a profound impact on the nation, and incorporating these historical events into the narrative promises to add depth and complexity to the Dutton family’s journey. Sheridan’s commitment to authenticity and attention to detail in his storytelling ensures that viewers will be immersed in the challenges and triumphs of the characters against the backdrop of a changing America.

One of the hallmarks of Taylor Sheridan’s work is his ability to capture the rugged beauty of the American West. The breathtaking landscapes and visually striking scenes in “1883” have become integral to the series’ identity. Fans can eagerly anticipate more of these stunning visuals in “1932,” as Sheridan continues to showcase the majestic beauty of the Western frontier. The cinematography not only serves as a backdrop to the unfolding drama but also becomes a character in itself, contributing to the overall immersive experience of the series.

As the announcement of the second season unfolds, fans can rest assured that Taylor Sheridan’s commitment to delivering compelling storytelling and visually arresting productions remains unwavering. “1932” holds the promise of expanding the narrative tapestry, exploring new facets of the Dutton family’s history, and captivating audiences with the continued evolution of characters and plotlines. With each season, Sheridan continues to solidify his place as a master storyteller in the realm of Western dramas, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the epic saga of the Duttons.

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