Sam Heughan’s Season 7 Tears Fans

Following the release of a new video by Sam Heughan, which was intended to promote the forthcoming seventh season of the historical drama Outlander, fans of the show were left feeling quite emotional. Throughout the weekend, the actor Jamie Fraser published a slow-motion video on his Instagram account, which showed Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie dashing through the battlefield before they embraced each other.

It was evident from the short that there was a strong degree of emotion, which indicates that viewers are in for a thrilling seventh season.

Fans expressed their reactions in the comments section, and many of them were candid about the “sadness” they were experiencing. “I don’t know if I’m ready yet,” wrote one individual in their letter. Having a horrible feeling about it.

It’s going to be a very bad thing. Whenever I watch the trailer over and over again, I can’t help but feel goosebumps and think about the cliffhanger that will most likely leave us hanging for the first half of the seventh season.

Sam Heughan's Season 7 Tears Fans
Sam Heughan’s Season 7 Tears Fans


Another person had the same sentiment, saying, “Even if I think my heart will break many times,” and then going on to say, “This season seems so intense and spectacular, can’t wait!”

Meanwhile, a third of the audience members were getting ready to shed tears in the upcoming episodes, saying, “This is going to be an epic season.” Even just watching the teaser gives me goosebumps; certainly, we are going to need a lot of tissues. Yes, I am so prepared for this.

“You’re going to make me cry, aren’t you Sam!!” wrote a fourth person, while a fifth person wrote, “The trailer for the seventh season gives me chills.” They both addressed Sam personally. As for us in France, we can’t wait till the 17th of June. Many thanks, Sam, for the wonderful work you’ve done and the feeling you’ve given us.

The post by the Scottish actor comes not long after the release of the official full-length trailer, which further frightened fans by implying that there may be a death in the film.

Sam Heughan's Season 7 Tears Fans

In the teaser, the Fraser family is seen getting ready for the American Revolution, and there are numerous scenes of warfare within the trailer. At the very end of the two-minute movie, there is a clip that depicts Sam acting out the role of Jamie, who is covered in blood and lying on the ground after being injured in combat.

Could Jamie’s collapse be a result of this? We don’t hope so! Beginning on June 16th, Lionsgate will release the seventh season of Outlander; however, in a first for the series, the season will be split into two parts.

A second half of the programs will be shown in the year 2024. In spite of the fact that fans are filled with excitement about the upcoming arrival of season seven, they were initially disappointed to learn that the eighth season will be the final season of the show.

However, because production on the eighth season of Outlander has not yet begun, the conclusion of the show is still a little time off.

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