Rumors Abound About Kim Kardashian’s Next Professional Step

Kim Kardashian is going to play a divorce lawyer in a new Ryan Murphy show, and now people are making fun of her job choice.

Kardashian is set to star in her own Kim Kardashian's Latest Reported Career Move Shows She's Doubling-Down on  This Controversial Talent

written series after getting a big break as a cruel New York City publicist in American Horror Story: Delicate. The reality star will play the most successful divorce lawyer in Los Angeles and the head of a law company with only women lawyers.


Ryan Murphy, who has written and produced many hit TV shows, will be in charge of producing and writing the legal drama. Brothers & Sisters writer Jon Robin Baitz will write it. It will be shown on Hulu and is being called a glossy and sexy mystery.
But Kardashian’s new job has made people wonder what’s going on with her real-life law career. This week, Newsweek asked Kardashian’s publicist for a response via email on Tuesday.

Kardashian started an apprenticeship at a law firm in San Francisco in 2018 that will last for 4 years. Instead of going to law school, she is “reading the law,” which is another name for training, to become a lawyer. She passed the baby bar exam in 2021 and is now studying for the bar test.
People on X (formerly Twitter) are wondering if Kardashian has given up a career as a lawyer so she can play one on TV. Kim Kardashian shouldn’t have a hard time playing a lawyer.

I would be just as happy being an…', is Kim Kardashian picking a new career?  - Hindustan Times
“Did she ever get past the crib?” Or do you know the BAR, as in the California Bar Exam!? They stopped talking about that, though. “Excuse me while I study for years, it’s okay, you can play a lawyer on TV,” someone wrote.
“Because there aren’t any real, talented actors who need the work, the money, and the attention.” Porn stars can act better than Kim Kardashian. “If Ryan Murphy really thinks he can turn her into a serious actor, then that channel should be called deLuxe instead of Hulu,” said someone else.


“I don’t want to see Kim Kardashian on TV or in movies.” “She’s not an actress,” said someone else.

“I would like to say that it is still unclear if Kim Kardashian has any acting skills because Ryan Murphy cannot write or produce (or at least he cannot write and produce everything”).” “She pretty much plays herself on American Horror Story.”

“We thought she was really studying to become a lawyer the whole time.” “It turned out to be all part of my character study for this part,” said a fifth person.Although some people are not excited about the show, there are others who can’t wait to see it.Murphy signed a new overall deal with Disney in June, after leaving his Netflix contract, and the new Hulu show will be his first new Disney project since then. It cost at least $8.61 billion for the Walt Disney Company to buy out Comcast, which owned a 33 percent share in Hulu.Kardashian didn’t have much acting practice before her role on the 12th season of American Horror Story. She did the voices of characters in two cartoon PAW Patrol movies and played herself in Ocean’s Eight (2018). She also had small parts in the movies Disaster Movie (2008) and Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor (2013).

While talking to Variety in May, Kardashian said that she chose to become an actress because she likes to “challenge myself.”


“Getting out of your comfort zone to try something new and grow is a lot of fun. “I’m so excited for it,” she said when asked if she was taking acting classes to get ready. “Of course I am,” she said. It’s hard work. “I like to push myself.”

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