Randy Travis unexpectedly attends ACMs

Randy Travis is speaking publicly about his life and his future for the very first time after he suffered a stroke in December 2013. During his appearance at the 2015 ACM Awards, which took place in Dallas on Sunday night, the legendary musician expressed to his fans how much their encouraging words and letters have contributed to his rehabilitation.

After the event, Travis referred to the experience as an “amazing gift.” He did nothing more than take in the admiration that he received at AT&T Stadium.

According to what he said on his website, “Since my stroke two years ago, it has been a journey that has been both hard fought and miraculous.” “I have gained a greater understanding of God’s grace and how quickly events can change us.”In the letter headed “Storms of Life,” which is composed of five paragraphs, the country music icon describes how his girlfriend, Mary, would open and read each letter that he would send to him.

Randy Travis unexpectedly attends ACMs
Randy Travis unexpectedly attends ACMs

According to Travis, “Fans allowed me to make it through the most difficult of days.” None of us are deserving of the tremendous amount of support that has been offered to me, and I consider each one of my supporters to be a friend. In the deepest part of my heart, I am grateful to you.

In addition, Travis discussed his future, stating that music continues to serve as a source of motivation and healing for him. Although he suggests that he might be writing songs, he asserts that his primary objective is to perform live in front of his audience once again.

“As I work through music, speech, occupational, and physical therapy, I hope that my songs from yesterday continue to touch your life in some way,” he revealed before concluding with well wishes and expressions of thanks.

Although Lee Brice disclosed to Taste of Country that Travis was part of a tribute that took place before the 2015 ACM Awards, the participation of Travis was rather surprising. Although Travis has been seen in a variety of locations for the past 18 months, this was his very first television appearance. There is no doubt that it was a remarkable one.

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