Raiders Selected as ‘Landing Spot’ for Projected $118 Million QB

In the offseason, the Las Vegas Raiders have made strategic decisions by retaining coach Antonio Pierce to lead on-field operations and appointing general manager Tom Telesco to oversee administrative matters. However, numerous inquiries persist, particularly concerning the offensive aspect of the game, with the most significant one revolving around the quarterback position. However, a potential straightforward solution may exist: the unrestricted free agent, Kirk Cousins.

Regardless of the team’s perspective on the future, whether it is nurturing Aidan O’Connell’s growth following a fluctuating rookie season or selecting a new quarterback with the 13th pick, the Raiders must be competitive in the immediate future. The team’s formidable defense and the offensive standout, 31-year-old wide receiver Davante Adams, must be made aware of the Raiders’ potential to reach the Super Bowl in the upcoming season. Otherwise, Adams may express a desire to be traded.

Raiders Selected as 'Landing Spot' for Projected $118 Million QB

Introduce Cousins. Pro Football Focus has identified the Raiders as one of the potential future destinations for free-agent quarterbacks, including Cousins. According to PFF’s analysis of potential destinations for Cousins:

The Raiders currently have the 13th overall pick, and it seems like veteran Jimmy Garoppolo is likely to be replaced by youngster Aidan O’Connell after being benched. If head coach Antonio Pierce desires to satisfy Davante Adams and Jakobi Meyers, he may consider making a significant impact.

The Raiders would be a logical choice for Kirk Cousins.
Cousins would make a significant impact. Last year, he participated in only eight games before suffering a torn Achilles tendon, which is a worrisome ailment for a player who will reach the age of 36 in August. However, these were eight remarkably remarkable games, played by a team that many assumed would be transitioning into a phase of reconstruction.

Cousins as their quarterback, Minnesota achieved a win-loss record of 4-4. Cousins displayed a commendable performance by averaging 291.4 passing yards per game and attaining a QB rating of 103.8, which ranked third among all NFL quarterbacks.

He achieved a total of 18 touchdowns and only five interceptions throughout the year. His PFF grade was 86.1, ranking him ninth out of the 38 quarterbacks evaluated in the league.
By incorporating an offensive asset like Cousins, the Raiders, who exhibited progressive defensive improvement during the previous season, have the potential to elevate themselves to the status of AFC contenders in the upcoming season.

Is Aidan O’Connell serving as the secondary quarterback?

Raiders Selected as 'Landing Spot' for Projected $118 Million QB

Acquiring Cousins would enable O’Connell to transition into a backup position, freeing up the Raiders to allocate their first-round pick toward other areas of need, such as the offensive line. Several very skilled blocking prospects are expected to be available for selection by the Raiders.

Cousins is expected to face competition as PFF forecasts a two-year, $60 million contract for him. The Raiders, who have gone through three quarterbacks (Derek Carr, Jimmy Garoppolo, and O’Connell) in two years, should be satisfied with this type of short-term commitment.
If Cousins can secure a long-term contract, as anticipated by the Spotrac model, that would provide a greater challenge for the Raiders. It is estimated that Cousins will receive a contract for $118 million over three years.

According to PFF, Cousins’ promising season was disrupted by an untimely torn Achilles injury. This injury seemed to attract several potential teams interested in signing him as a free agent, much like in 2018. Cousins continues to possess the necessary arm power to make throws at all distances on the field and has maintained a high level of accuracy in recent seasons.

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