Outlander’s Sam Heughan Takes on the Revolution’s Emotions.

Hollywood has produced a good number of period dramas, but few have been able to combine emotion and history as skillfully as Outlander on STARZ. The show is once again focusing on another enormous event: the American Revolutionary War. The show has deftly switched between compelling historical events like the Battle of Culloden and the compelling story of a WWII nurse named Claire (played by Caitriona Balfe), traveling through time.

Sam Heughan Explores Outlander's Emotional Warfront Amid Revolution - IMDb

There’s more to this looming war than just political gamesmanship and military tactics. At the center of the battle is Jamie Fraser, portrayed by the captivating Sam Heughan, who is up against his own son William Ransom, played by Charles Vandervaart. The intricacies of this relationship provide a novel and captivating perspective on the traditional story of fathers and sons, especially when juxtaposed against the brutal creation of a nation.

Outlander star Caitríona Balfe pens touching tribute to co-star Sam Heughan on special anniversary | HELLO!

The latest episode “Singapore” raises the stakes. With the British soldiers closing in, Jamie, Claire, and his allies must quickly flee Fort Ticonderoga, raising the specter of war even higher for the Fraser family. Wars and conflicts are all too familiar to Jamie. Since he and Claire have experienced and tried to alter history, he is no stranger to the terrible effects of political upheavals.

But as Heughan explains in his interview with TV Insider, the American Revolution is a storm unlike any they have faced as a team. He describes it vividly, comparing their predicament to being in the epicenter of a powerful cyclone. This storm is not an ordinary one; rather, it is the War of Independence,

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