Outlander’s executive producer previews a “more exciting” second half of Season 7 and the show’s “satisfying” conclusion.

Episode eight, “Turning Points,” of Outlander season seven marked the conclusion of the first half of the show. It saw Jamie, Claire, and Ian leaving the American Revolutionary War and returning to Scotland, while in the twentieth century, Roger and Bree learned that Rob Cameron had abducted their son, Jimmy.

The time-traveling drama series will conclude the story of the Fraser and Mackenzie families with a final eighth season, plus eight additional episodes that have already been recorded but are not expected to run until 2024.

Outlander's executive producer previews a "more exciting" second half of Season 7 and the show's "satisfying" conclusion. - papadpizza

Still in shock after the midseason finale’s cliffhangers, Digital Spy had an exclusive conversation with executive producer Maril Davis on that episode, what to anticipate from the second half of the season, and the much anticipated return of Graham McTavish, a fan favourite.

You’ve managed to cram a lot of plot into season seven thus far; is it difficult to choose which parts of Diana Gabaldon’s novels to omit?

It’s challenging since everyone has various preferred scenes, and maybe your favourites don’t always advance the story. While it’s OK in a book, we need to maintain the dramatic tension and flow of the action on film, and occasionally, things that work in the novel don’t work onscreenA Breath of Snow and Ashes, book six, included aspects that were used to open this season. Where does it ultimately end up?

We didn’t know if this season would be our last when we started. We decided to include everything in there. Thus, the authors took the final section of book six, followed by books seven and eight. They brought it all together, and in my opinion, they did a fantastic job of seizing the big moments while maintaining the season’s coherence.And it’s really thrilling. However, the second half is even more thrilling; it seems as though you hardly have time to catch your breath. Everyone has a great deal of ups and downs as well as life’s numerous events.

There’s one more season left after the second part of season seven, which premieres next year. What does that cover up to?

Outlander's executive producer previews a "more exciting" second half of Season 7 and the show's "satisfying" conclusion. - papadpizza

This time, we’ve streamlined a good deal of content, and it looks great. Thus, book nine or whatever will make up the majority of the last season. We may have omitted some details, though, in order to create a unified narrative for the final season.

Because Diana Gabaldon is continuing penning Outlander novels (she is now working on book 10), is it difficult to plot the series’ conclusion?

I’ve spoken with Diana along with Matt [showrunner Matt Roberts], just getting her opinion on the previous season and sharing some thoughts. It goes without saying that we want to show her some respect and not step on her toes.

We want to return the favour since she has been so gracious, transparent, and giving with her book series and her love of what we’ve been doing. It goes without saying that we don’t want to do anything in the show that she may not have done in the books yet or that she may intend to do, but it’s always a bit challenging to conclude a series before the novels have concluded.

What can you reveal about the conclusion of season eight of Outlander?

For both the programme and the viewers, we want a satisfactory conclusion that makes them say, “Okay, it’s terribly sad, but we’re content with how this finished.” Thus, there is a great deal of strain, and Diana and I have been speaking.

Can you tell me your ending?

The 'Outlander' Executive Producer Reveals Where She Wants Jamie and Claire to End Up - starbeverageinc.com

To be completely honest, I have no idea how this will finish. Though nothing has been agreed upon yet, Matt Roberts has some very amazing ideas, and I have one as well. You could be the 200th person to find out, but I swear!Do you have a favourite scene from episode eight, the mid-season finale, from the first half of season seven?

There are a few noteworthy instances. Naturally, we’ve been waiting for Jamie to confront William and that scene where he shoots the joke and attempts to miss Simon Fraser before realising he’s nearly killed William. Sam’s [Heughan’s] expression conveys that his darkest nightmares nearly came true. That scenario is just amazing.

And my favourite part is when Jamie hands William his hat and says, “I owe you a hat, sir,” and William recognises that this is the guy who took off his hat. Additionally, I think it’s hilarious to see Jamie and Claire converse about Benedict Arnold.

And what about the scene where Young Ian plants a kiss on Rachel?

I mean, come on, I’m a romantic at heart! I believe there’s a lot of fantastic chemistry between Izzy Meikle-Small and John Bell; they make a terrific combination. I adore this moment; it’s timeless and memorable.

The second Battle of Saratoga is also featured in this episode. Which fight sequences are the most difficult to film?

Yes, we’re not Game of Thrones, after all! Because we don’t have Game of Thrones money, we must approach wars differently. Episode seven had a fight sequence told from William’s perspective, and in episode eight, Jamie’s perspective is presented. I appreciate that this allows for the continuation of the action-packed yet manageably concentrated battle scenes.

It was one of our largest, and the choreographer Joss Agnew, along with all the other people who worked on and coordinated this show, as well as the extras, did an amazing job.

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