Outlander star Sam Heughan reveals favourite Scottish tourist attraction

OUTLANDER star Sam Heughan has divulged the location in Scotland that he considers to be his favorite.

For his Men in Kilts program, the well-known actor, who portrays the role of Highland warrior Jamie Fraser in the popular time-travel television series, traveled the length and width of the country.

To some extent, it may come as a surprise to learn that Heughan’s preferred location was not one of Scotland’s well-known glens, castles, or lochs; rather, it was a tourist attraction located in the very center of Edinburgh.

Mary King’s Close, which is a reportedly haunted close located beneath the streets of the capital city, was the location that the 43-year-old chose to visit.

Read more about the five places that the Outlander star Sam Heughan enjoys visiting in Glasgow here.

The experience that Heughan had during his visit was described as “terrifying,” and he went on to say that he adores Edinburgh in its entirety.

In addition, the street is the location of Edinburgh’s City of the Dead, which is located within the South Street vaults. These vaults were not unearthed until the 1980s, and they revealed a life that was a living hell for the poorest individuals who would have lived there.

He stated, “I just love that city, especially the wynds and the closes that are located off of the Royal Mile.”

Outlander star Sam Heughan reveals favourite Scottish tourist attraction

“The city underneath the city, which we actually shot for Men in Kilts, did not make it to the edit despite the fact that Mary King’s Close, when they had the city and it’s still there, you can go, there are streets underneath there and shops and everything else,” she said.

It’s very terrifying. In all honesty, it looks like something out of the Harry Potter series. If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend that you go to Edinburgh.

In a prior interview, Heughan discussed his move to the capital of Scotland when he was a teenager, describing the experience as being similar to a “whole new world” for him.

“After years of living in a quiet community, my mother, my brother, and I packed our belongings for what felt like a whole new world,” he wrote in his memoirs. “It was a completely transformative experience for all of us.”

We decided to move into a suburban street in Edinburgh instead of the stable and the remains of the castle, and we immediately began the process of settling in for this new phase of our lives.

Sam Heughan is ‘excellent’ at studying Gaelic for the hit drama Outlander, according to a recent article.

“For two young boys like Cirdan and me, it was a significant adjustment, but it was also a tremendously exhilarating experience.

After completing my elementary school, I went straight into high school at the same time as all of my new classmates. I had just finished my elementary school.

“It was a little overwhelming to begin with, but now that I could see without the dreaded glasses, I quickly started to make friends and feel comfortable in a crowd,” she said. “It was a little overwhelming.”

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