Outlander producers are hiring for Season 8 filming in Scotland.

Outlander enthusiasts have the extraordinary chance to participate in the production of Season 8 of the renowned television series. The Outlander Training Programme is currently seeking a maximum of 20 individuals to assist in the production of the last season of the time-traveling drama featuring Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe. The filming will take place in Scotland in 2024.

Various paid positions are currently open in many areas, including costume, camera, locations, props, make-up, special effects, and set decoration at the production base in Cumbernauld.

Further details: Production of Outlander Blood of My Blood set to commence in Glasgow
Trainees will get remuneration ranging from £558.80 to £635 per week, contingent upon their assigned position, during their fixed-term employment.
Outlander producers are hiring for Season 8 filming in Scotland.
The job advertisement states that trainees would have the opportunity to learn from highly skilled technicians and creatives who are regarded as the best in the film and television industry.
The employment does not require any formal qualifications, nevertheless, applicants must fulfill the following criteria: being a resident in Scotland, being at least 18 years old, and possessing a rudimentary comprehension of the film and television industry.

A valid and unblemished UK driving license is very desirable, and mandatory for certain positions.
Nevertheless, applicants must possess a maximum of six months of remunerated experience within the specific department for which they are seeking employment.

The establishment of the Outlander Training Programme aims to offer aspiring individuals a chance to participate in the largest ongoing production in Scotland.
Backed by Screen Scotland and ScreenSkills High-end TV Skills fund, this program has completed seven series and provided rigorous on-the-job training to a total of 170 individuals from 2014 to 2023.

Outlander producers are hiring for Season 8 filming in Scotland.
Outlander has been consistently filmed in Scotland since its initial production commenced in Falkland village, located in Fife, in October 2013. It has showcased several Scottish locales, including Midhope Castle, Glencoe, and The University of Glasgow.

The trainee program coincides with the scheduled filming of the show’s prequel series Outlander: Blood of My Blood in Glasgow.

The application deadline is Monday, February 5th at 9 am, and interviews will be conducted throughout the weeks starting on February 19th. The trainees are slated to commence their work on Monday, March 11th. To obtain additional details and acquire instructions on how to submit an application, please visit the official Screen Scotland website.

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