“Outlander” fans, Sam Heughan just gave away a big secret about Season 8

The enormous, looming secret of Jamie Fraser was finally disclosed in this week’s episode of “Outlander.” In Claire’s absence, he not only married another lady, but also her adversary, Laoghaire.

This is no ordinary love triangle, given that Claire was the first member of the couple to have two spouses — one in the twentieth century and one in the eighteenth. It’s a hard plot to unravel, but it’s made a little easier by the fact that author Diana Gabaldon continues to release new books in the “Outlander” series on a regular basis. (This season is based on Book 3, “Voyager.” Season 4, based on Book 4, “Drums of Autumn,” has begun filming, and Gabaldon is putting the finishing touches on Book 9.)

Although the program is generally loyal to the novels, getting to certain important events, such as the one in this episode, needs structural adjustments, as series showrunner Ronald D. Moore described over the phone recently. The excerpts below have been modified.

When we first started filming sequences with Laoghaire in Season 1, we had to bear in mind that Jamie and Laoghaire would eventually marry. That’s why we brought Laoghaire back in Season 2 for a scene. I pressed hard on that because one of the adjustments we made in Season 1 was that Laoghaire was more complicit in setting up the entire witch trial, which wasn’t in the novels. And so, considering that Laoghaire had now been shown as someone who knowingly and deliberately set up Claire to be murdered, it just seemed like too much ground to cover, too huge a leap, to go from that to Jamie marrying her. We don’t have to entirely redeem her, but let’s get the ball rolling.

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So it’s not such a strange idea for Claire to encourage Jamie to forgive Laoghaire someday. You have to get to the point where you can see that something happened in those 20 years, and we started to lean toward the concept that what drove Jamie to marry Laoghaire was his desire to have a family and be a father.

We discovered that after losing one daughter in Paris and sending his other child to the future with Claire, he had an empty part of him. He longs to awaken from the nightmare he’s been living for years. He wishes to return to the land of the living. And then there’s this ideal night, this magical night — Hogmanay, the Scottish equivalent of New Year’s — and there’s these girls, and he’s caught up in that moment of being a father figure, having paternal feelings. And out of nowhere, Laoghaire arrives, as if she’s the spirit of Christmas Past. We kind of justified the marriage from there.

We find out before Claire. We’ve figured it out before it explodes.

In the writers’ room, we went back and forth on the “how,” “when,” and “why.” The main issue we fought about was when – when is he going to tell her? Because it blows out the rest of the print shop episode, it’s a structural argument. As soon as she enters into the print shop and he accepts that she is indeed returning, an alert should go off in his head: “I married Laoghaire.” “How am I going to inform her?” The Jamie Fraser we know has to get this out there as soon as possible. And Claire makes it possible. She basically says, “Did you ever fall in love with somebody else?” in all forms — in our version, in the book version.

So the question was, do you still do it? Or do you do the book version first and then the movie version? We explored many ways of Jamie telling Claire while they were still in Edinburgh, but it became an obsession. It’s there even when they try not to talk about it. It engulfs everything. And we didn’t want that to be the focus of the program. We wanted it to be about their reunion, re-acquainting themselves, and how they’ve evolved over the last 20 years. Everything is sweet and sexy.

“Outlander” fans, Sam Heughan just gave away a big secret about Season 8

So you decided to use the book version timeline with some changes.

I didn’t want it to feel like when you came to Lallybroch and this was disclosed, Jamie had purposefully delayed it, knowing you’d be upset at him. So there was some foreshadowing that he was grappling with it, and it’s more of a sin of omission. The audience would never believe Claire would respond by running back to Craigh na Dun, as she does in the literature. It’s a deception. When she says, “I’m out of here,” you kind of expect her to turn back. And if we dramatize it, the voyage would be one long voice-over, which we don’t want to do.

Instead, we might ask Jamie to express and understand his frayed nerves and emotions. He sent his wife and unborn child into the arms of this other man, and he’s had a good, long 20 years to think about it. Because it was his decision to do it, there would be a lot of bitterness, hurt, rage, and unreasonable feelings, and it would all come to a head. In the writers’ room, we jokingly refer to Jamie as the king of men, but at some point, you want to humanize him. He can also do stupid things.

Are you keeping track of particular narrative aspects now because they will have ramifications later on, as you did with this one?

Major events like this one, for sure. But not everything. We certainly try to look ahead, especially when it comes to time travel. Because very little is mentioned about the mechanics of time travel in Book 1, we weren’t paying attention to the hidden meanings of how and why people can go through the stones. Diana Gabaldon would add, “Remember, they use jewels, gemstones, and that has a whole mythology, and it’s only certain kinds of people.”

So, when we were planning to have Claire go through the stones at the conclusion of Season 2, when she transitions from the 18th to the 20th centuries, we thought, “Oh my gosh, she needs a gemstone.” We have to offer her a jewel.” So we had Jamie give her his father’s ring, which is a reference to something we hadn’t done in the books, when Jamie gives her the band at the wedding. “Oh!” we exclaimed. Let’s present her with the ring. And as she gets out the other side, you’ll see that the stone has vanished as a clue.”

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