On tour, country singer Dupre replaces Randy Travis.

James Dupre, a country crooner, understands his role on the More Life Tour, which is spotlighting the songs of Randy Travis, who rarely sings anymore after suffering a stroke in 2013. Travis was diagnosed with apraxia, an uncommon disorder that affects his ability to talk and communicate efficiently.

So Dupre has become a vocal proxy for veteran singer Travis.

And a prestigious one at that.

On the tenth anniversary of his stroke, Randy Travis presents two tribute shows.

“I’ve been told that I have a similar tone,” Dupre noted recently on the Bobby Bones TV Show in Nashville, Tennessee. “However, I’m not going to try to sound like him. You understand what I mean?

“Because I don’t believe it’s possible.” But I suppose I have a comparable range.”

The original Randy Travis Band’s tour will stop in Nashville on July 22 at the Brown County Music Center. Dupre and his band will perform all 16 of Travis’ legendary number ones, including “On The Other Hand,” “Forever and Ever, Amen,” and “Three Wooden Crosses.” Travis will make an appearance.

Travis is pictured softly performing “Amazing Grace” alongside Dupre in an online video clip from a show a few years back.

Travis co-starred in the film “The Price” with Dupre. The plot revolves around a country musician attempting to reconcile with his son, a budding country vocalist.

Steve Hinson, David Johnson, Lance Dary, Bill Cook, Joe Van Dyke, and Herb Shucher are members of the Country Music Hall of Fame member’s longstanding touring band. They, together with longtime tour manager Jeff Davis, will take “Hoss,” as Travis is popularly known, back on the road for the first time since his stroke nine years ago.

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