NFL invests millions in Taylor Swift ahead of Chiefs-49ers Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Expenditure on football has significantly increased ever since a certain celebrity singer began supporting the Kansas City Chiefs, who will be competing against the San Francisco 49ers in the 58th Super Bowl this year.

Since Taylor Swift initiated a romantic relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and started attending his games regularly, her devoted fan base has promptly developed an interest in watching NFL matches as well. According to LendingTree, a significant number of individuals have made substantial investments in the sport and Kelce’s team. These investments include purchasing game tickets, jerseys, memorabilia, and streaming subscriptions. Additionally, they have organized watch parties to enjoy the games.

In a recent survey of 2,000 U.S. consumers, the online lending marketplace discovered that Swift had inspired 16% of respondents to spend money on football. According to the survey, 75% of Americans want to watch the Super Bowl this year, and those who plan to watch expect to spend an average of $116.

NFL invests millions in Taylor Swift ahead of Chiefs-49ers Super Bowl Halftime Show.

To be more precise, 24% of individuals belonging to the Gen-Z generation and 20% of millennials express a heightened interest in football this year due to Taylor Swift’s association with Kelce. This is aiding in mitigating the reported decrease in interest in the NFL and other professional sports among younger audiences in recent years, as indicated by market research.

“The presence of the Chiefs in the Super Bowl and the possibility of Taylor Swift’s attendance are likely to attract a significant number of individuals to watch the event,” stated LendingTree analyst Matt Schulz in an interview with CBS MoneyWatch.

Rapid impact
During a recent playoff game, the Chiefs competed against the Miami Dolphins. The game was only aired on Peacock, a streaming service owned by NBC Universal, with a monthly subscription fee of $6. According to analytics agency Antenna, Peacock gained around 3 million new subscribers over the weekend of the game, but not all of them were necessarily Swift fans.

Approximately 40% of individuals belonging to Generation Z have reported spending money on football as a result of Taylor Swift’s influence. Furthermore, those earning a six-figure income were the most inclined to express that Swift had sparked their interest in football. LendingTree located.

“The extent of her influence is remarkable, but it should not come as a surprise given the consistent demonstration of her impact in virtually every endeavor she has been involved in,” Schulz stated.

NFL invests millions in Taylor Swift ahead of Chiefs-49ers Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Undoubtedly, the singer’s groundbreaking “Eras Tour” concert series has significantly stimulated local economies around the United States, leading to a phenomenon that has been coined as the “Swift effect.” In July, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia reported that its tour resulted in a significant increase in travel and tourism to the region.

According to the local CBS network, Cincinnati hotels generated a revenue of $2.6 million during the weekend of her performance.
In an attempt to capitalize on the excitement around Swift’s involvement in this year’s Super Bowl in Las Vegas, sports gambling sites are providing several “proposition” bets that revolve around her and Kelce, unrelated to football. Gamblers have the opportunity to make bets on a wide range of outcomes, including the couple’s joint appearance in a commercial and the probability of them publicly revealing their first pregnancy during the game.

NFL invests millions in Taylor Swift ahead of Chiefs-49ers Super Bowl Halftime Show.

“Due to the presence of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, we anticipate a substantial increase in the number of prop bets.” “We anticipate that a significant number of these will generate substantial activity,” stated Tim Williams, spokeswoman for BetUS, in an interview with CBS MoneyWatch. “She is distributed evenly among all of the various props.”

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