Myles Garrett Breaks Silence on Jim Schwartz’s Refusal to Adjust vs. Texans

Even though the Houston Texans vastly outperformed the Cleveland Browns defense on Saturday night, the coaching discrepancy between the two teams was likely even more pronounced.

Jim Schwartz, the defensive coordinator for the Browns, was a revelation in Cleveland this season. He introduced an aggressive style of defense that prioritizes man coverage in the backfield. On the other hand, this style of play can be vulnerable to splash plays, particularly in situations where the Browns’ defensive front is not getting to the quarterback consistently.

This is precisely what occurred to Cleveland on Saturday, when Texans quarterback CJ Stroud lit up the defense, particularly cornerbacks Martin Emerson Jr. and Greg Newsome II, to the tune of 236 passing yards and three touchdowns in the first half alone. Cleveland was eliminated from the game.

Myles Garrett Breaks Silence on Jim Schwartz’s Refusal to Adjust vs. Texans

Myles Garrett, an All-Pro defensive end who has a solid case for the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year award with 30 quarterback hits and 14 sacks, provided an explanation of Schwartz’s mindset after the game and shed light on the reasons why the Browns did not make the required modifications to slow down the Texans’ onslaught.

Browns DC Jim Schwartz Out-Schemed by Texans OC Bobby Slowik in Playoff Game

 During the course of the night, Cleveland’s pass rushers, led by Garrett, concluded with zero sacks. During the regular season, they sacked 49 opposition quarterbacks, which led to them finishing sixth in the National Football League.

Schwartz already has a history of working as a head coach in the National Football League (NFL), having spent five years (2009–13) with the Detroit Lions. It is quite possible that Schwartz will be a candidate for at least some of the head coach jobs that open up throughout the league during this offseason.On the other hand, another potential candidate for the position of head coach, Bobby Slowik, who is the offensive coordinator for the Texans, was the one who plotted back and forth with Schwartz on Saturday night. Josh Norris of The Underdog Football Show recorded a few of Houston’s plays, the first of which was a first-down toss to wide receiver Nico Collins and the second of which was a touchdown to tight end Dalton Schultz, and put them on X. He also provided an explanation of how these plays evolved.

It’s easy to play football. Norris stated, “Find you a wide receiver who is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 220 pounds!” “I’m just clearing some space. Nico Collins has completely blown me away. The tough defense of Cleveland is a challenge for Slowik, who has deception in his arsenal.

Myles Garrett Breaks Silence on Jim Schwartz’s Refusal to Adjust vs. Texans

A TD named Dalton Schultz. Furthermore, Norris stated, “Defenses will frequently be confronted with plays similar to this post-snap that culminate in a flood concept with [three] levels of routes to the right side.” Slowik, however, makes a throw in the corner post in order to attack the void that the 1 and 0 create in order to cover Collins. A simple TD.”

Enzel Ward has criticized the Browns defense for their lack of presence in their game against the Texans.
Whether or not Browns CB Denzel Ward will play in Saturday’s Wild Card game against the Houston Texans is now subject to speculation.

Denzel Ward Calls Out Browns Defense for Failure to Show Up Against Texans

Norris drew attention to a touchdown that Schultz had scored, but it wasn’t even the night’s most incredible play.

Immediately after taking a 14-10 lead, the Browns let up a touchdown pass to tight end Brevin Jordan that was scored on a single play and covered 76 inches. The play, which occurred with twelve minutes left in the second quarter, provided the Texans with an advantage that they would ensure they would not give up.

A wide receiver who was going free several steps behind the Browns coverage was the target of another touchdown pass that Stroud almost missed late in the second quarter. Following the defeat on Saturday, cornerback Denzel Ward, who was selected to the Pro Bowl, discussed the shortcomings of the defense.

Myles Garrett Breaks Silence on Jim Schwartz’s Refusal to Adjust vs. Texans

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