Luke Grimes is up to something after “Yellowstone,” and it’s not just country music.

Luke Grimes, who is known for his work in Yellowstone, has been rapidly advancing his career in country music. He has recently released his first full-length album, which is titled after himself. But despite the conclusion of Yellowstone, he has not yet reached the point when he is fully finished with acting.

There is a story from Variety that suggests that Grimes is working on another acting part in the near future. For the next A24 picture Eddington, directed by Ari Aster, he will be joining the cast. A number of well-known actors, including Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone, Austin Butler, Pedro Pascal, and Clifton Collins Jr., will be joining him along with other notable individuals.

Luke Grimes is up to something after "Yellowstone," and it's not just country music. - xml tutorial

According to the incomplete summary, the movie is a neo-Western that follows a “small-town New Mexico sheriff with higher aspirations.” The film is purportedly another example of the genre. At the moment, there is no release date for the film; however, a rumor from Variety indicates that production on the film will begin the next week.

Even though it appears like Luke Grimes is not fully leaving the acting industry, he will soon be leaving his position in Yellowstone. It is anticipated that the second portion of the fifth season will be broadcast in November 2024, and the final days of production will begin in the spring of this year. Consequently, Grimes will be required to part ways with Kayce Dutton after that.

On the other hand, he does not appear to be overly upset about it, and he is primarily uncertain about how he will react when he is forced to leave this significant portion of his life behind. “This is something that we have been doing for seven years, and we first began doing it.” What an insane idea! In an interview with People, Grimes began by saying, “This cast and crew, they’re like a second family, and we spend a lot of time together.”

Luke Grimes is up to something after "Yellowstone," and it's not just country music. - xml tutorial

The experience I had at Yellowstone was without a doubt one of the most intense of my entire life. In addition, it is one of the most satisfying. My life has been altered in every conceivable way as a result of it,” he concluded. “As a result of this show, everything will never be the same again, and this applies to both positive and negative aspects. I am going to miss it horribly. I am aware of that. I mean, I believe that I am prepared to find out how it concludes. It is time for me to share the conclusion of this tale.

There is no indication that Luke Grimes is clinging to the past, despite the fact that he will be absent from the show. With the assistance and possibilities that Yellowstone has provided for him, he is making progress in both his acting parts and his music career.

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