Lainey Wilson Credits ‘Believin’ and Receiving for Grammy Success

At the 2024 Grammy Awards, Wilson remarked, “I’ve been like preparing for the race and I finally entered it and now I’m running it.” Lainey Wilson is enjoying her success after a busy year in 2023! She said this at the Grammy Awards.

On Sunday evening, the country music superstar, who is 31 years old, was present at the Arena in Los Angeles for her very first Grammy Awards event. In a conversation with Janine Rubenstein of People, she reflected on what it was like to be nominated for the first time in her career for an award that was intended to emphasize the importance of female voices in the music industry.

Lainey Wilson Credits 'Believin' and Receiving for Grammy Success
Lainey Wilson Credits ‘Believin’ and Receiving for Grammy Success

Bell Bottom Country, which Wilson released in 2022, was the subject of a nomination for the category of best country album. In addition, she was considered for the award in the category of best country duo/group performance for the song “Save Me,” which she performs in collaboration with Jelly Roll.

“It’s been a whirlwind, and that’s the best way I can explain it,” Wilson said in an interview with PEOPLE. She went on to say that she’s just been “trying to keep one foot on the ground” as her career hits heights that she has never seen before. The singer-songwriter stated that she began writing her first song when she was nine years old. She began playing the guitar two years later and came to Nashville, Tennessee, when she was nineteen years old in order to pursue a career in country music.

“I’ve been like preparing for the race and I finally entered it and now I’m running it,” she continued, stating that “I’m right where I’m supposed to be.”

Whenever she needed a pick me up from her never-ending schedule, she stated that her song “Heart Like A Truck” provided her with the fuel to push through and play over 180 performances in 2023. She added that out of all the songs on her album, “Heart Like A Truck” was the one that would do it.”I was singing it for myself, too, just to pull myself up by the bootstraps and keep on going,” according to Wilson.

Lainey Wilson Credits ‘Believin’ and Receiving for Grammy Success

Lainey Wilson Credits 'Believin' and Receiving for Grammy Success

Prior to her victory at the Grammy Awards for Best Country Album, Wilson expressed her admiration for her partner Jelly Roll, whom she referred to as a “brother” to her. When you sign up for the free daily email that PEOPLE provides, you will never miss a story. This will allow you to remain up to speed on the best of what PEOPLE has to offer, which includes anything from celebrity news to engaging human interest stories.

As she stood on the precipice of attending her inaugural Grammy Awards ceremony, anticipation bubbled within her like champagne fizzing in a crystal flute. The allure of the event lay not only in the glitz and glamour but in the promise of witnessing musical legends, contemporary icons, and rising stars congregate under the same roof. With a heart brimming with excitement and reverence, she articulated her eagerness, her words laden with sincerity and anticipation.

Her eyes sparkled with the prospect of witnessing the ethereal Joni Mitchell, a paragon of musical virtuosity, perform live. There was an undeniable reverence in her voice as she expressed this desire, a testament to Mitchell’s profound influence on her musical journey. The mere thought of being in the presence of such an illustrious figure stirred a sense of awe within her, akin to standing before a masterpiece in an art gallery.

Yet, her excitement extended beyond any individual performance or accolade. It transcended the boundaries of genre and fame, encapsulating the essence of what the Grammy Awards represented: a celebration of music in all its diversity and splendor. With genuine enthusiasm, she articulated her eagerness to be immersed in an environment teeming with artists from myriad backgrounds and musical genres.

Lainey Wilson Credits 'Believin' and Receiving for Grammy Success

For her, the allure of the Grammy Awards lay in the collective energy of the room, pulsating with creativity, passion, and a shared love for music. It was an opportunity to bask in the presence of fellow musicians, producers, and industry titans—to engage in conversations that transcended language barriers and cultural divides, united by a common language: music.

As she prepared to step onto the red carpet and into the hallowed halls of the Grammy Awards, she did so with a sense of gratitude and mindfulness. She recognized the privilege of being part of such a prestigious event and vowed to savor every moment, to etch each memory into the tapestry of her musical journey.

In her eyes, the Grammy Awards were more than just an awards show; they were a testament to the transformative power of music—a force capable of bridging differences, sparking joy, and uniting souls in harmony. And as she stood on the threshold of this musical extravaganza, she did so with an open heart and a deep appreciation for the magic that awaited within.


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