Keanu Reeves wished that John Wick be “definitively killed.”

Action actor Keanu Reeves expressed his opinions regarding the resolution he felt his character should have when John Wick 4 came out, and in the end, his opinions gave John Wick 5 a bad vibe. When the John Wick franchise debuted in 2014, it recounted the tale of a retired assassin who gets drawn back into a world of vengeance and violence after losing his wife and then their puppy to a mafia. Since then, Keanu Reeves has starred in three additional John Wick movies, and it looks like John Wick 5 is presently in production.

The primary issue with John Wick 5 stems from Keanu Reeves’ desire for John Wick to permanently die at the conclusion of John Wick 4. In an interview with Collider, Basil Iwanyk, the franchise’s producer, stated, “Keanu gets physically and emotionally destroyed making these films because it’s so exhausting.” He constantly says, “I can’t do this again,” at the conclusion, and we agree with him.” In addition, he disclosed Keanu’s desire for John Wick 4: “I want to be killed off completely at the end of the film.” Because of this, Wick passes away at the conclusion of John Wick 4 with a slim chance of returning.

Whether or not Keanu Reeves will return for John Wick 5 is still up in the air, but based on his remarks, it seems very evident that he shouldn’t. The actor has obviously been worn out by the job, and his health takes precedence over the John Wick movie series, even though fans would love to see Reeves rise from the grave. Though it is more of a personal decision for Reeves than a guarantee for viewers, John Wick’s producers may have paved the way for his return. Reeves might return, but only under his own conditions.

Keanu Reeves Begged To Be Killed Off In 'John Wick: Chapter 4' |  CoveredGeekly

John Wick 5’s ability to function without Keanu Reeves is helpful. With the conclusion of John Wick 4, the plot arc of John Wick was satisfactorily concluded, leaving the series with no unanswered major problems or grievances. This implies that it would not be too difficult for the franchise to introduce a fresh John Wick. The fact that John Wick can keep its other characters recognizable is another positive feature. Even with a new hero leading the charge, the other adored characters from the franchise may survive Reeves’ departure to guarantee that the new movie doesn’t feel too unlike from the ones that came before it.

John Wick 5 might still function without Keanu Reeves, but the sad reality is that it most likely won’t. Although the makers of John Wick merely intended to provide the actor with alternatives, they created the impression that Reeves would return by keeping the door open for him. In the end, Reeves is under a lot of pressure to come back given the possibility of Wick’s resurrection and the release of John Wick 5. The news that Lionsgate will only move forward with John Wick 5 if Keanu Reeves is on board only serves to exacerbate this. Keanu Reeves has found himself in a challenging situation overall.

Keanu Reeves Begged To Be Killed Off In 'John Wick: Chapter 4' |  CoveredGeekly

Regretfully, Reeves’ other remarks on John Wick 5 haven’t made matters better either. Reeves stated in John Wick 5 that he would be amenable to rejoining the franchise, but that the film would need to have an exceptionally compelling plot or motivation for him to do so. In addition to giving viewers hope, which raises expectations and build suspense, this comment also gives producers the impression that they need to come up with something truly spectacular in order to lure Reeves back. John Wick 4 left the door open for Reeves to return, therefore even if John Wick 5 did not need all of these conditions, it does.

If John Wick is brought back to life, it won’t be an extremely difficult procedure. While John Wick 4 depicts Wick’s burial, John Wick 5 explains that it’s possible that Wick, like Reeves, wished to escape the life of an assassin and hence staged his own demise. Wick thus survived his wounds and escaped, forging a new name for himself, even though the film depicted his death and grave. Given how Keanu Reeves feels about carrying on the franchise, this would really be a very ironic plot for John Wick 5. However, maybe, Reeves will be able to decide what’s best for him.

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