Keanu Reeves Lands His Childhood Dream Marvel Role In New MCU Art

Keanu Reeves has been linked to several Marvel roles, but there is one hero he would love to play, and the actor looks fantastic in MCU art.
Keanu Reeves has spoken with Marvel Studios.
Reeves’ connection to Ghost Rider may make him ideal for the part.

Reeves may realize his childhood ambition of playing the original Ghost Rider and training others.
Due to exciting MCU art, Keanu Reeves joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe in his most sought-after superhero role. Reeves is one of the most requested performers for Marvel’s upcoming films, with fans suggesting various roles for the veteran actor. The actor recently revealed that he has had negotiations with Marvel, which Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed, thus it appears that he will soon join the MCU.

On Reddit, member spleenfreak69 published a series of photographs depicting Keanu Reeves as the MCU’s Ghost Rider.
The artwork ranges from photos of Reeves wearing his John Wick costume and riding a blazing motorcycle to the actor fully embodying Ghost Rider, complete with the burning skull. While the character has yet to find a project for his MCU debut, Reeves would be ideal for the role because he has a strong personal connection to the character, which may lead to some of the MCU’s best films if he is cast as Ghost Rider.

Why Keanu Reeves Would Be Perfect As The MCU’s Ghost Rider

Reeves would be an excellent choice as the MCU’s Ghost Rider for several reasons, the most important of which is the actor’s relationship with the character. During a 2022 interview, Reeves discussed why he would like to play the MCU’s Ghost Rider, saying, “10-year-old me would want to—I think he’d probably want to be Ghost Rider.” As a longtime comic book lover, the actor’s role as Ghost Rider would be a childhood dream come true.

Reeves’ career took a turn after he appeared in the first John Wick. The actor is now again one of Hollywood’s most popular actors, resulting in several fantastic of Reeves as various MCU characters. Ghost Rider and Wolverine, who the actor has previously stated he would like to play, have emerged as the most favored probable MCU roles for him.

Reeves may fulfill his childhood ambition of playing the Johnny Blaze version of Ghost Rider, played by Nicolas Cage in two pre-MCU films produced by Marvel Studios. Reeves’ appearances in John Wick and The Matrix demonstrate that the actor would be ideal for superhero action scenes, given his extensive experience playing grizzled heroes. The MCU might feature numerous Ghost Riders, with Keanu Reeves as the original and mentor to all of them.

Keanu Reeves’s MCU Debut Feels Inevitable

Reeves’ boyhood fascination with Ghost Rider is only part of the reason his name is frequently associated with the MCU. Reeves raised conjecture when promoting John Wick: Chapter 4 when questioned about roles he may regret passing down. His response prompted the other most popular Marvel fan casting of Keanu Reeves:

“…No…”But I always wanted to play Wolverine.”

And he’s not the only one who has (inadvertently or not) brought his name into the MCU casting conversation. Kevin Feige told ComicBook that he has always been committed to including Reeves in an MCU project:

“We chat to him about practically every film we create. We speak with Keanu Reeves about. I’m not sure when, if, or if he’ll ever join the MCU, but we want to figure out how to do it right.

The Marvel boss did not specify which roles Reeves might have been considered for in previous MCU films, but the conversations are similar to Jake Gyllenhaal’s: he, too, was discussed several times before landing the right character (Mysterio). However, Reeves had already been linked to the character of Yon-Rogg in Captain Marvel (which went to Jude Law), Doctor Strange, and – most notably among fans – Ghost Rider.

Of course, Keanu Reeves’ desire to sign a multi-picture contract complicates matters. While a villain role would likely allow him to complete one film and then leave, any renowned superhero would usually require many appearances.

Unfortunately, Reeves responded to Doctor Strange speculation in an interview with Collider in 2014, expressing his dissatisfaction with exactly the type of long-term contracts that the MCU was built on.

“From a practical sense, the idea of a long-term contract is somewhat “or” since you want to ensure that the material meets a specific standard. Like a good or great level. I like the idea. I go to those types of movies. They, along with comic books and graphic novels, were my childhood staples. [But] I was unfamiliar with Doctor Strange as a character; I had not read it as a child. I’ll have to read it. Who will play Doctor Strange? “Would I be suitable for the role?”

That could explain why such a popular casting choice has yet to yield results. Unless Reeves is presented as a multiversal version in something like Avengers: Secret Wars, or if an enhanced cameo for someone like Ghost Rider is similarly possible, such a tying contract appears to be a hurdle.

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