Jerry Jones should bring in Bill Belichick, otherwise he will always wonder what he missed by not

The Dallas Cowboys prefer to refer to themselves as “America’s Team,” but a more appropriate description would be that people in the United States consider them to be their favorite reality program. And that was before the owner of the team, Jerry Jones, consented to produce a documentary series consisting of ten episodes about a franchise that has not been victorious in the Super Bowl in almost thirty years.

There is little doubt that Jones is excited about the prospect of winning another championship, but the Cowboys have always placed a high priority on substance. It is a dual approach that has kept the team relevant throughout the postseason, despite the humiliating loss to Green Bay in the NFC wild-card game that took place on Sunday by a score of 48-32.

Jerry Jones should bring in Bill Belichick, otherwise he will always wonder what he missed by not
Jerry Jones should bring in Bill Belichick, otherwise, he will always wonder what he missed by not

With that being said, what could be more ideal than introducing a new star character for a late-series rebirth, especially because he might be the most effective answer to that playoff failure?

I want you to come down, Bill Belichick. Mike McCarthy’s departure from his position as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys should be a foregone conclusion. Jones has a pattern of retaining subpar coaches for an excessively long period, specifically Jason Garrett. However, despite three consecutive seasons with 12 wins, the team has only garnered one victory in the playoffs, which includes an oh-for this year.

Jones is 81 years old. What kind of patience level should he have?

“I’m floored,” Jones stated after the loss that occurred on Sunday. Better coaching, particularly in the playoffs, is what the Cowboys require. Jones has always had a strong preference for stars, and the larger they are, the better. It just so happens that Belichick is both.

Timing could be the problem here. In all honesty, Dallas can’t wait.

On Monday, Belichick participated in an interview with the Atlanta Falcons, which must have been an odd and peculiar process altogether. How exactly does one go about interviewing with a person who has won 302 regular-season games, seven titles, and nine appearances in the Super Bowl?

Jerry Jones should bring in Bill Belichick, otherwise he will always wonder what he missed by not
Jerry Jones should bring in Bill Belichick, otherwise, he will always wonder what he missed by not

Falcons Human Resources: So, Bill, are you able to provide a particular example from your previous employment that demonstrates how you were able to turn seeming insurmountable hurdles into a positive?

When we were playing in the Super Bowl, there was this one point when we were trailing by a score of 28-3…

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After the conclusion of a National Football League football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, January 14, 2024, in Arlington, Texas, the owner of the Cowboys, Jerry Jones, addresses the journalistic community. The Packers prevailed with a score of 48-32. (Sam Hodde/Associated Press)
The Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, was forced to face the consequences on Sunday, following Dallas’s second early exit from the playoffs. (Sam Hodde/Associated Press)

The fact that no one in football has a resume like his is something that should go without saying. Canton ought to be notified immediately if Belichick ever penned a copy of his resume. It is possible to doubt his devotion to the long term at the age of 71 or inquire about what transpired after Tom Brady moved to Tampa in the year 2020; yet, it is not as if there is another contender for the position who is comparable to him.

It was more of an indictment of Belichick the general manager than it was of Belichick the coach that he failed to live up to his potential after the 24-year run in New England. Even though they had a terrible season with a record of 4-13, the New England defense was consistently excellent and deserved more.

There is never a shortage of talent on the Dallas roster. There are Pro Bowlers scattered all over the place, although it is under a wage cap crunch. Belichick discovered the quarterback he was looking for in New England after Brady’s departure thanks to Dak Prescott.

Throughout the regular season, the Cowboys have been highly successful. The most important matches are where they are most likely to fail. An individual who has a postseason record of 31-13 (.705) is a good candidate, right?

Virtually every other alternative would be considered an unproven or, at the very least, a less-proven choice. Although Belichick’s age gives the impression that he is not a long-term solution, Jones should not be seeking that kind of solution.

In Dallas, the time to win is faster than it has ever been.

In addition, there is the element of entertainment for everyone else, as well as the fact that Jones is experiencing a dread of missing out. huge names and huge personalities have always been something that the owner of the team has been interested in, whether it be in football, Hollywood, or anything else.

Jerry Jones should bring in Bill Belichick, otherwise he will always wonder what he missed by not
Jerry Jones should bring in Bill Belichick, otherwise, he will always wonder what he missed by not

Jones decided to sign Terrell Owens and Deion Sanders. There was a time when he had the intention of investing a first-round draft pick in Johnny Manziel, and the way that Manziel performed as a player could not have been more different. Bill Parcells, who was his coach from 2003 to 2006, is the person who comes the closest to being on par with Bill Belichick. The stadium that Jones constructed is lovingly referred to as “Jerry World,” and it is the largest stadium in the league.

The Jerry and Bill Show, or the Bill and Jerry Show, would be a television program that everyone would want to watch, and the Cowboys have long made this one of their primary goals. Were they able to coexist? Would they be successful? If there are more members of the media present at Jones’ postgame casual gaggle than there are at Belichick’s actual news conference, what exactly happens? Would Bill find that to be repulsive… or would he find it appealing?

If nothing else is accomplished, Belichick’s chase of Don Shula’s record for most wins in a regular season (328) will provide an additional perspective over the following few years.

For the Cowboys team, a proven winner is required. A fresh storyline is required for the Cowboy soap opera to break away from the monotonous wheel spinning that has been going on for the past few years (decades). It is possible to hire Bill Belichick. Unless Jerry Jones brings him in, he will always be left wondering what he lost out on by not doing so.

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