Ja Morant Boldly Declares: A Game-Changing Announcement That Reshapes His NBA Journey

In a huge statement that was made on Monday evening, Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant hinted at the formation of a new AAU team called “Twelve Time” for boys in the sixth and seventh grades as well as girls in the seventh grade. The announcement was made by Morant through his Instagram story, where he shared the following post:

The username of the account that is mentioned in the post is @twelvetimeaau, and it does not have any published posts at the moment: It appears that Morant is the most recent NBA player to establish his youth team, joining the ranks of other NBA stars who have done so. Because the Grizzlies star is currently one of Nike’s most popular athletes, it is reasonable to presume that the company will have some sort of involvement in Morant’s new AAU program.

Ja Morant Boldly Declares: A Game-Changing Announcement That Reshapes His NBA Journey

Additionally, Morant’s signature Ja 1 Nike sneakers have taken the youth basketball market by storm, and they are frequently worn by elite college and NBA players as well. Morant’s signature sneakers are especially popular among younger players. There are several different ways that Morant and Nike may collaborate to build up his new AAU team, and additional details will probably be disclosed shortly now that Morant has announced the beginning of the program.

Morant is continuing to make progress off the court, even though he will be sidelined for the remainder of the season due to a shoulder injury. As seen by his signature footwear and, more recently, by the introduction of his own AAU program for young basketball players, this is something that has appeared.

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