It is probable that Roman Reigns and another prominent WWE Superstar may take a break following CM Punk’s comeback at Survivor Series: WarGames, according to seasoned

The wrestling world witnessed a seismic shift with CM Punk’s unexpected return to WWE. Among those analyzing the potential implications of this comeback is Sylvain Grenier, a seasoned veteran in the wrestling circuit. Following Punk’s reappearance at the Survivor Series: WarGames main event and his subsequent appearance on WWE RAW, Grenier offered insights into how this homecoming might impact the WWE landscape.

One of Grenier’s focal points was the potential influence of Punk’s return on wrestlers like Roman Reigns and LA Knight. Reigns, a central figure in WWE, has been enjoying an impressive run while LA Knight, amid burgeoning popularity, recently engaged in a significant title challenge against Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. Despite facing defeat due to an interference from Jimmy Uso, Knight continues to be a notable name in the SmackDown roster.

Roman Reigns

However, Grenier voiced apprehension regarding how CM Punk’s re-entry could potentially alter Knight’s trajectory within the company. Expressing concerns during an episode of Cafe de Rene, Grenier highlighted the aspect of Punk’s alignment as a babyface and how this might impact Knight’s standing in WWE’s hierarchy.

Grenier speculated on the probable shift in dynamic, foreseeing Punk’s return as a Stone Cold-esque character—a persona with heel tendencies receiving an overwhelming adulation akin to a babyface. This shift in the wrestling landscape raised Grenier’s concerns about the potential impact on LA Knight, considering his current position and level of development within the company.

The veteran expressed apprehension about Knight’s readiness to operate at the same level as Punk, particularly amid the latter’s fan-favorite reception and established wrestling legacy. While acknowledging the development of LA Knight and the significance of his feud with Reigns, Grenier remained wary of the possible challenges Knight might face in competing for attention and status against the returning Punk.

Roman Reigns

In Grenier’s view, Knight’s feud with Reigns and subsequent rivalry with a 28-year-old top WWE Superstar signified an opportunity for the latter’s growth and evolution within the company. However, he remained cautious about Knight’s progression, casting doubts on whether Knight was at a stage to navigate the nuanced dynamics that Punk’s return might introduce.

Grenier’s insights highlighted the complex interplay of established veterans and rising stars within the WWE landscape, signaling potential shifts and challenges that emerge with the return of influential figures like CM Punk.

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