Iowa Standout Caitlin Clark Creates History in Big Ten Women’s Basketball

Caitlin Clark, who is currently playing college basketball at Iowa, made history once more on Wednesday night. Her remarkable career in college basketball continues. Clark achieved the distinction of being the Big Ten’s all-time highest scorer among women’s players throughout the Hawkeyes’ game versus Northwestern. The feat was accomplished by her with a layup in the second quarter, which brought her total for her career to 3,403 points.

Clark is also the second all-time leader in points scored by a female basketball player in the history of the NCAA. The Ohio State University’s Kelsey Mitchell, who was ranked first in the Big Ten and second overall, was surpassed by her. In the women’s basketball division of the NCAA, Clark is currently just over 100 points away from surpassing Kelsey Plum, who holds the record for the most points scored in the history of the NCAA.

Iowa Standout Caitlin Clark Creates History in Big Ten Women’s Basketball

The Hawkeyes are doing a good job as a team on Wednesday night, as they have a significant lead over the Wildcats in the second half of the game.
Since the beginning of the season, the Hawkeyes, who are currently rated third, have been one of the top teams in the country, winning 16 of their last 17 games.

In each of her most recent four games, Clark has scored at least 30 points, and based on her performance tonight, it seems as though she is well on her way to extending that streak to five games. Clark has not yet decided whether or not she will decide to pursue the WNBA Draft or continue playing collegiate basketball for one more season.

Iowa Standout Caitlin Clark Creates History in Big Ten Women’s Basketball

It would appear that Clark is headed in the direction of a professional career, and if she does make the transition, the Indiana Fever would most certainly draft her with the first overall pick. If that were to occur, Mitchell would be her partner on the team.

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