In the midseason finale, Outlander creator Diana Gabaldon expresses ‘concern’ over the Jamie Fraser story.

Outlander, an epic series on Starz, is taking a break following a stormy midseason finale that saw the show’s hero thrust into a perilous predicament.

In the midseason finale, Outlander creator Diana Gabaldon expresses 'concern'  over the Jamie Fraser story. - anchors bar

Fortunately, Starz has an official podcast where fans can catch tidbits from the most recent season and gain some behind-the-scenes knowledge about how the program is made.
During an episode, Sam Heughan’s character Jamie Fraser’s hand injury raised concerns for both him and the rest of the team, according to Outlander’s supervisor Matthew B. Roberts.

Jamie in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books had to have a finger removed after it was shattered so severely in the second Battle of Saratoga.

But in the show, Claire Fraser (Caitríona Balfe), Jamie’s medic wife, saved her finger because of her understanding of medicine in the 20th century.

Roberts added, “We knew we were going to have some issues with the hand,” in reference to the scene in the TV show.

The injury in the book is really serious, and we were aware that there wasn’t enough runway to allow for the ideal healing.

“That was always a concern because we had to jump time in the episode.”

“We had a lot of meetings about the hand, how it was going to look initially, how the healing process was going to go forward, the scars, and everything,” the speaker continued.

Roberts continued, saying, “It always amazes me that we always manage to pull it off, whatever bewilders me.”

“There is a rule in the room that says, ‘Don’t break the dream.’ The dream is that from the beginning of the episode until its conclusion, there should be no breaks or moments when you wonder, ‘Hold on, what’s going on?’

Yes, there will always be readers of the book who are familiar with the plot and wonder why a scene was left out or why something doesn’t happen in the book the way it does.

Naturally, you can never argue with it since it is knowledge.

Because this is a television series, someone may or may not know something that is relevant to this specific plot.

“However, you want someone who doesn’t know the story to turn it on and watch it through to the very end.”

Roberts continued by explaining that, because of time limits, the hand—like other story points—had to fit within the TV show’s setting rather than the books’.

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