Former FSU football transfer Deion Sanders is suspended by the Colorado Buffaloes.

The head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, Deion Sanders, has decided to suspend former defensive tackle Bishop Thomas indefinitely for violating the rules of the franchise. Additionally, Thomas was placed on administrative leave in the latter days of the year 2023.

The standout from Bishop Moore Catholic was a member of the recruiting class that Florida State University had in 2022. After spending the first spring of his second season in Tallahassee, he decided to move to Colorado’s program. As stated in the video titled “Coach Prime” which is available on Amazon Video, the status of Thomas’s participation with the Buffaloes for the 2024 season is “still being evaluated.”

Former FSU football transfer Deion Sanders is suspended by the Colorado Buffaloes.

Two of the games that Thomas participated in for the Seminoles during the 2022 season were played. During their victory over Boston College at Doak Campbell Stadium, which they won by a score of 44-14, he made one tackle in which he assisted another player in bringing down an opponent. He joined the Buffaloes in 2023 and participated in nine games during the season.

He managed to make six tackles, two of which ended up stopping the opponents behind the line of scrimmage, even though he was a huge person, standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 295 pounds. His effort versus Arizona State was particularly noteworthy since he made three tackles and stopped a player for a loss. This was his most impressive performance. Even on certain short-distance plays on offense, he was allowed to play the position of fullback.

And concerning the defensive tackle room at Florida State, they will be missing out on some significant additions to the mix, such as Malcolm Ray and Braden Fiske, in addition to Dennis Briggs. A total of approximately six scholarship athletes are now part of the defensive tackle group. There are Darrell Jackson and Joshua Farmer, both of whom are juniors and have some additional years of eligibility.

Former FSU football transfer Deion Sanders is suspended by the Colorado Buffaloes.

Daniel Lyons, a sophomore with some additional years, KJ Sampson, a freshman with an additional year, and Jamorie Flagg and D’ Nas White, two new freshmen, are also included in this group. There is still a lot of uncertainty over what is going on with Briggs, and Ray is currently investigating alternative possibilities within the portal.

DJ Lundy, who had previously played linebacker for Florida State University, has relocated to Colorado, joining several other former Seminoles who have made the switch. Additionally, Derrick McLendon, Brendan Gant, Travis Jay, and Omarion Cooper have all transferred from Florida State University to the Ohio State Buffaloes.

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