Elizabeth Discovers Her True Love, Season 8 Episode 12

The romantic triangle has ended When Calls the Heart. Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) has chosen between Mountie Nathan (Kevin McGarry) and saloon owner Lucas (Chris McNally) after more than two seasons of twists and turns. The widowed schoolteacher’s romantic conundrum is satisfactorily resolved in the When Calls the Heart Season 8 conclusion, but some viewers will be upset by her decision When Calls the Heart. In this season-ending episode, additional Hope Valley residents had to make significant decisions of their own.

‘When Calls the Heart’s’ eighth season finale sees Hope Valley undergo change.
Elizabeth Discovers Her True Love, Season 8 Episode 12
Elizabeth Discovers Her True Love, Season 8 Episode 12

Each episode of When Calls the Heart has a substantial amount of narrative. The season finale this year, which lasted roughly five minutes longer than usual, was no different.


Elizabeth Finds Love, Season 8 Episode 12Elizabeth

As with the remaining week, alternate became a main theme in “The Kiss.” In some cases, it becomes effective change. Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) has determined her calling because the editor-in-chief of her very own newspaper. Hickam (Ben Rosenbaum) receives large advertising and actions ahead along with his plans for an oil pipeline, with a touch of help from Fiona (Kayla Wallace).

In different instancesalternate is tougheven though necessary. With Carson (Paul Greene) having decided against presenting to Faith (Andrea Brooks), they are saying their goodbyes as he leaves for his surgical fellowship in Baltimore When Calls the Heart. Carson is off to reap his lengthy-held dream, however, it manner giving up the girl he loves. (Thus far, we don’t recognize if Carson’s long past for proper or if his absence from Desire Valley will be temporary.) He gets a touching sendoff from his buddies, however, the moment is bittersweet.

now and thenexchange is unwelcome When Calls the Heart. no person is satisfied that Wyman Walden (Wesley Salter) is skulking around buying up properties or that a manufacturing facility is probably coming to townwish Valley’s small-town person is a key part of its identification, and it’s comprehensible people could get fearful when that’s threatened. We didn’t get any decision to those problems in this episode, though the battle units up masses of exciting storylines for a probable season nine.

Clara and Jesse reunite as Gowen bids adieu


Carson wasn’t the only individual saying goodbye to Wish Valley. Henry Gowen (Martin Cummins) leaves Gowen Petroleum in Hickam’s successful palms and gives Bill (Jack Wagner) some records that might assist in his research of the mine catastrophe When Calls the Heart.

Then, he units out for an unspecified destinationthough his face whilst he looks at Abigail’s Cafe shows he hopes to reunite with the woman who he’s stated recommended him to be a better individual When Calls the Heartis that this another clue that Lori Loughlin is probably returning to when Calls the Heart? It seems like more of a possibility.

There have been also reunions amidst the goodbyes. at the give up of “converting instances,” Jesse (Aren Buchholz) became lacking and his spouse Clara (Eva Bourne) was frantic with fearfortunately, Jesse makes it domestic correctly and his boss Lee (Kavan Smith) feels so bad approximately the entire ordeal that he sends him and Clara on a vacation to make up for it.

After a brief separation, Florence (Loretta Walsh) and Ned (Hrothgar Mathews) also get back together. Ned reportedly invented Band-Aids, therefore the business he had to take care of was filing a patent.

Angela starts going to school

Last week, Todd Thomson’s character, school inspector Landis, threatened to close Elizabeth’s school if she permitted Angela Canfield (Vienna Leacock) to attend. When no one shows up for the first day of lessons, Elizabeth is determined to maintain her promise to Angela and Minnie, but she worries that the other families think, as Landis does, that having a blind student at school will make it more difficult for the other pupils to study.

Elizabeth’s worries are unjustified, which is a relief. Due to their decision to walk to school with Angela and her brother, the entire class is tardy. It’s the kind of touching scene that When Calls the Heart is known for, and it even seems to soften Mr. Landis’ heart.

Elizabeth and Rosemary mend fences.

Rosemary and Elizabeth’s usually steadfast friendship has recently been in jeopardy. It’s been difficult for Rosemary not to have her BFF to turn to, so it’s a relief when Elizabeth gives her a well-deserved if delayed, apology in the first few seconds of the episode.

Rosemary has advice for her buddy, who is struggling after Lucas ended their relationship last week because he thought she had affection for Nathan, as she usually does.

“People come into our lives,” she explains. Some things happen for a purpose, others for a season, and some things for a lifetime. Who might be here for a reason, or even a lifetime, is up to you to determine.

With the love triangle having dragged on for goodbye, it regarded feasible the writers could delay Elizabeth’s choice till the finale’s closing moments. As a substitute, the huge monitor got here on the episode’s midway mark. It became a sensible choice that gave us extra time to fully understand and appreciate Elizabeth’s moves.


In a voiceover, as she walks to the Mountie office, Elizabeth says that she’s allowed herself to waft among precise men for too long, which has simplest made the experience extra painful for all concerned. She’s found out she wishes to be genuine to them, and herself. unluckilywhich means letting one guy down.

“I’ve realized that I’ve been trying to find Jack in you,” she tells Nathan. “I’ve been trying to replace him.” She loves him, however she isn’t in love with him. Nathan doesn’t say something. The look on his face conveys painbut not wonder.

As for Hearties, will they be amazed? There had been signs all alongside that Elizabeth’s emotions for Nathan had been approximately her processing her lingering grief over her husband’s deathno longer a signal of romantic love. nevertheless, for some fanaticsthe instant has to harm. At this factor, we understand Elizabeth has chosen Lucas. but, he doesn’t realize that yet. He’s been quietly planning to depart Hope Valley.

earlier than Lucas closes up the Queen of Hearts for desirable, Nathan stops by using. They share a drink and a verbal exchange, and whilst it’s now not precisely a friendly chat, there’s mutual appreciation between the two (and possibly the possibility of future friendship). Then, Nathan opens up approximately what Elizabeth instructed him.

A resigned Nathan admits he’s now not surprised utilizing her choice. “What Elizabeth and I share, it’s no longer similar to what you share,” he says. He thinks Lucas must reconsider leaving Wish Valley.

As for Nathan, will he be sticking around? We already recognize that whoever doesn’t win Elizabeth’s coronary heart won’t be leaving the display. We even get a glimpse of what the destiny might hold. After Nathan hurts his hand (chasing after his hat, he sheepishly admits), religion tends to harm him. There’s a quiet moment between those two people who’ve both experienced romantic disappointment and, perhapsa hint of a deeper connection.

A galley of Elizabeth’s e-book — A Single Mom at the Frontier — has arrived, and he or she quietly appears it over one night at domestic. The name is large. On one level, it’s a reminder of her past due husband; on every other, it refers to a duration in her life that’s likely to stop soon, as she inches toward maintaining her love for any other man.

At this point, we get the scene that’s been teased for the reason that earlier than season eight is most advantageous. Elizabeth looks at a photograph of herself and Jack, then slowly eliminates her wedding ring. the following morning, she palms Robert (Jaiven Natt) an important notice for Lucas. He promises her he’ll deliver it, however, it’s not hard to bet the letter won’t make it to its intended recipient.

Lucas almost runs over Lee as he drives out of the metropolissoon after Robert tells Elizabeth he wasn’t able to deliver the note, and that the saloon is closed and the doors locked. A frantic Elizabeth attempts to locate Lucas, fearing her indecision method she’s lost him forever.

but wait! Lucas hasn’t left in the end. He finds Elizabeth standing on the bridge, wherein they shared a moment earlier this season. They run into each other’s palms and kiss.

“You’re all that subjects. You’re all that’s critical,” he says, before noticing she’s removed her ring.

Thanks for watching for me,” she says.

within the final scene, Elizabeth pulls off the kind of romantic gesture we’ve come to expect from Lucas. She’s invited him to a personal readinghowever in place of reading from her e-book, she “reads from her coronary heart.” She tells Lucas how tons she cares for him, at the same time as he responds by using affirming his emotions for her.

Elizabeth and Lucas’s adventure so far has been a long one. however now that they’re here, the romantic moment feels fully earned. even though a few could be disenchanted she didn’t choose Nathan, there had been several signs and symptoms Lucas changed into one she intended to be with, from his unwavering aid of her writing to his staying

power in awaiting her to that steamy moment they shared in his officeIn the long run, it’s a romantic ending to a season full of many uncertainties and, in some instancessadness for Elizabeth as she organized to move on after Jack’s demise. And it leaves her and Lucas — and whilst Calls the coronary heart enthusiasts — with lots to stay up for in the destiny.

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