Dust reduction in the home: 7 spring cleaning recommendations for this month

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to give each and every room in the house a thorough cleaning. In addition, when it comes to cleaning surfaces, it may appear as though dust is truly floating around everywhere. In spite of the fact that you have the best vacuum cleaners, it is not unusual to nonetheless discover the inevitable dust buildup being concealed somewhere.

You are in luck because there are steps you can take to lessen the amount of dust in your home by learning how to properly eliminate dust mites. This holds true in particular for individuals who are afflicted with allergies, asthma, or breathing problems. Taking these five preventative actions will significantly reduce the quantity of dust that enters your home, which will in turn make a significant difference in the way you clean your home during the spring.

Furthermore, it is imperative that you do not overlook the seven locations in your home where dust mites are successfully growing.
For this reason, before you go out and get your trusted cleaning solutions and microfiber cloths, it is important to learn the most effective techniques to minimize dust in your home, as recommended by professionals.

1. Always remove footwear when entering the home

Shoe rack in entryway

When it comes to bringing dust into the house, our shoes are the most significant contributors to the nuisance. Whenever you enter a building, you should always remove your shoes and leave them by the entrance. Additionally, it is strongly suggested that you never bring them inside the closet, and if at all possible, you should keep them away from your apparel.

“As much as eighty percent of dust is brought into the home on the bottom of people’s shoes,” says David Chapman, the creator of Ultimate Mats, a leading distributor of industrial mats. Consequently, one strategy for addressing this issue would be to request that visitors take off their footwear before entering your living space. It is even possible to purchase a sign that says “please remove your shoes” and install it at the entranceway.

In addition, if you do not want a heap of footwear to take up a lot of room in your doorway, you can try one of these nine space-saving methods to organize your shoes. Not only will this help you avoid an unattractive mess, which is especially important if you have a small entryway, but it will also help you organize your shoe storage, which can truly make your foyer look more appealing to guests.

In the event that you are hosting a party or a small gathering at your home, you might even consider providing socks or inexpensive disposable flip-flops at the entrance entrance.

2. Invest in a HEPA air purifier  

An air purifier in a bedroom in front of a bed and bedside cabinet

An investment in one of the best air purifiers to filter will make all the difference in the world if you discover that your home is unusually dust-ridden or if you suffer from allergies that are caused by contaminants in the air. Additionally, it is able to remove dust particles from the air, in addition to filtering bacteria, pollen, and other pollutants that are present in the air.

According to Chapman, “Our homes are filled with airborne pollutants, dust, pollen, pet hair, and other particles,” and one approach to lessen the amount of these various particles around the house is to purchase an air purifier. “The objective of an air purification system is to eradicate harmful chemicals, germs, and allergies from the air in your home while simultaneously reintroducing a flow of clean air into your living space.

The devices are useful because they shield you from infections that are transmitted through the air. Additionally, they have the ability to alleviate the symptoms of asthma and cleanse the body of toxic compounds such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.

Find out the other five reasons why you need an air purifier, and if you want your air purifier to function at its best, here are seven strategies to get the most out of it. Or, if you are having difficulties falling or staying asleep at night, the solution to your bedtime ritual can be to breathe in fresh air.

3. Ditch the duster and use a microfiber cloth 

A green microfiber cloth being used to clean a wooden surface

An image of a green microfiber cloth being used to clean a wooden surface can be found on Shutterstock. There is a possibility that feather dusters were developed specifically for this purpose; nevertheless, these dusters will merely move dust about or hurl particles back into the air, which is counterproductive to the entire process! Instead of using cotton cloths, you should use microfiber cloths to clean dusty surfaces.

Microfiber cleaning cloths, such as the Amazon Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (which can be purchased on Amazon for thirteen dollars), are designed to swiftly capture dirt and dust since the particles will adhere to the static substance more effectively than normal cloths.In light of the fact that dust might be discovered in any part of the house, it is essential that cleaning be performed on a predetermined schedule.

According to Chapman, “Dusting should be done at least once every two weeks, if not weekly, especially if you have pets in the home, as this helps to reduce mild sickness and allergies.” Although dusting is not everyone’s favorite activity, it is recommended that it be done at least once every two weeks.

4. Clean carpets and mop hard floors 

Mopping floor

A question that may appear to be self-evident is, how frequently do you clean your floors? By vacuuming carpets, rugs, and mats on a weekly basis, you may reduce the amount of dust that accumulates over time. This will also help eliminate dirt and dust.

According to Chapman, “If you or others in your household suffer from allergies or breathing difficulties, then keeping your floors clean is an essential task.” This is because vacuuming reduces dust on the floor and limits it from migrating into the air, which makes your home healthier and safer. Additionally, vacuuming can help to extend the life of your soft flooring and mats, as dirt and dust can cause wear and tear, and keeping up with clearing can help remove any fibers that have become dislodged.

Furthermore, it is essential to ensure that you sweep and clean hardwood floors on a regular basis without causing any damage to them. in order to eliminate any remnants of dust, filth, and bacteria. In order to prevent dust from accumulating on the floors, Chapman recommends that they be washed and cleaned every few days and that they be deep cleaned once a month. Toys that are left on the floor can become a breeding ground for dust and germs, which can be especially harmful if you have children and small pets. germs, grime, and dust can accumulate on your flooring, which can be especially dangerous if you have children and small pets.

“The cleaning products that you use will be determined by the environment in which you live. If you have children crawling around and pets playing on the hard floors, then you should make a cleaning solution out of vinegar. This will ensure that no harmful chemicals are left behind on the floor.”

5. Wash your bedding frequently  

A mattress stripped of bedding before washing cover

This is especially true in the bedroom, where dust mites thrive in conditions that are warm and humid. In addition, in order to get rid of dust mites and bed bugs, you will need to be familiar with the right approach to spring cleaning your pillows and linens.

To get started, you should wash all of your bedding, including pillowcases, sheets, and covers, at high temps once every two weeks. It is recommended that you wash your bedding at a temperature of at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit, and then air dry it on a hot setting of 130 degrees Fahrenheit for fifteen minutes.

Additionally, you have the option of selecting an anti-allergen laundry detergent that is formulated with active chemicals that are effective in reducing dust mites. As a cleaner laundry detergent, we can offer The Ecology Works Anti Allergen Solution Laundry Detergent, which comes in a 40-ounce bottle and costs $18 on Amazon. In addition, you can purchase anti-allergy pillows such as the Aller-Ease Allergy Cotton Pillow, 1 Count ($22, Amazon), or one of the best mattress protectors to limit the number of dust mites in your home.

6. Get a ‘Waterhog’ mat to catch dust  

ubdyo Extra Durable Door Mat

Purchasing an entry door mat, in particular a Waterhog mat that is designed expressly for the purpose of capturing dust, is yet another user-friendly method for lowering the amount of dust that is present in your home.

Using entry door mats is the most efficient technique to reduce the amount of dust that is present in the home, according to Chapman. It is true that the majority of the dust that is found in your home originates from the outside, and it can enter through your shoes, clothes, hair, and even through your windows and doors. In order to prevent water and dust from entering your living space, Waterhog mats are specifically designed to collect all of the moisture and dust that is accumulated there.

When put at the entryway of your home, mats have the potential to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning and to help prevent the transmission of hazardous germs throughout the rest of the house. It will be necessary to clean the mats in order for them to function properly and maintain the cleanliness of the rest of the house.

One example of an entryway door mat that can be customized to fit your area and home is the ubdyo Extra Durable Door Mat, which can be purchased on Amazon for the price of twenty-four dollars. This mat features a ribbed texture that can be used to collect dust and debris, as well as to remove grimy shoes.

7. Change your A/C unit filters 

GE smart air conditioner

It is also important to remember to change the filters on your smart air conditioner, especially if you have one of the top smart air conditioners nowadays. Dirty filters not only have the potential to accumulate dust or bacteria, but they also have the potential to negatively impact the overall quality of the air in your house.

According to Chapman, “If the filter of your air conditioner is dirty, then this has a direct impact on the air quality in your home.” “Over the course of time, air conditioning units have the potential to acquire dust, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens that can be detrimental to your health in both the short term and the long term. Because of this, it is essential to change the filter in your air conditioning system on a regular basis. This will help to improve the overall quality of the air that you breathe in on a daily basis, which in turn can assist in the prevention of disease.

If you want to improve the performance of your air conditioner as well as the quality of the air you breathe, you might also want to check out our advice on how to clean an air conditioner.

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