Did Usher Enter a Marriage? Singer Seen After the Super Bowl Wearing a Ring and Matching Jenn Goicoechea’s All White Outfit

This could be even more of a cause for celebration for Usher!

The singer, who is 45 years old, is helping to spread reports that he and his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer “Jenn” Goicoechea, have tied the knot after his performance at the halftime show of the 2024 Super Bowl, which was something that was much awaited.

A photograph was taken of Usher wearing what seemed to be a gold band on his left ring finger after the big game. The duo went out together in Las Vegas after the game. Goicoechea, who was forty years old, was wearing a pantsuit that was black and white and included a tie-waist jacket with off-the-shoulder sleeves and wide-leg slacks. Over his black tuxedo, Usher sported a fur coat that reached the floor and was white in color.

In June of 2019, Usher and the music entrepreneur were pictured together at the 40th birthday celebration of producer Keith Richards. This was the first time that romantic rumors began to circulate about the two individuals. The couple welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Sovereign Bo, in September of 2020. Two years later, in September of 2021, they welcomed a son named Sire Castrello. Not only does the singer of “U Remind Me” have two adolescent boys, Usher V and Naviyd Ely, but he also has two sons with his ex-wife, Tameka Foster.

Before the Super Bowl, Usher gave an interview to PEOPLE in which he discussed how he was becoming more open to the concept of getting married.

“Listen, when you find someone that you know is a great partner, of course it is an honor and a pleasure to be able to share life with someone who wants to share it with you and loves you, who you are,” according to him.

Usher, Jennifer Goicoechea, Coming Home Album release Dinner party, Ring
Following that, he mentioned that he and Goicoechea are already fully committed to one another as a result of the family that they have established.

“We’ve obviously made a commitment to life for life together because of our children,” he added further. “Getting married would not be an unusual thing for us to do. It is already the case here. Are you aware of what I am saying?
In addition, he stated, “And it goes without saying that we are going to be a part of each other’s lives until the day we die, because we have something to share.” What a lovely creation! We have children. However, this is not the reason. I truly believe that I am fortunate to have a wonderful partner that I hold in high regard.

In addition, the music superstar revealed that when he first saw Goicoechea, he was immediately able to picture a future with her because of their connection.

Usher, Jennifer Goicoechea, Coming Home Album release Dinner party
I was fortunate enough to find and meet an incredible partner who also happens to be my closest friend.
During the month of November, Usher expressed his gratitude to Goicoechea for being a reliable “support system” for him regardless of the ups and downs that life experiences.

“We have an amazing dynamic between our relationship where I’m able to be passionate still about what I do and have an incredible partner to work through some of the harder times as a young man dealing with children and dealing with the dynamic of how you communicate with them,” he told the publication.

Adding, “I’m very happy, very fortunate to have an incredible friend, not just a partner,” he said while referring to Goicoechea. “She’s my best friend, and I love her.”

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