Diana Gabaldon on Jamie and Claire Fraser of ‘Outlander’ Getting Colorful in Her New Book

It’s been eight years since The Official Outlander Coloring Book was released in October 2015, but it’s time for Outlander fans to break out their crayons and colored pencils and get creative again, as volume 2 of the coloring book based on Diana Gabaldon’s New York Times bestselling series of novels is now available. What better way to spend Droughtlander?

The first coloring book was all about Outlander, but volume two is drawn from Dragonfly in Amber, so the illustrations depict Claire Beauchamp Randall and Jamie Fraser as their adventures take them from the bustling market streets of Paris to the resplendent court of Versailles, through secret passageways into forbidden apothecaries and onto battlefields to fight for freedom.

“The scenes in the coloring books are drawn from the books; each one is accompanied by a relevant quote from the book in question, in fact,” Diana tells Parade in this exclusive interview. Although fans of the STARZ series recognize Sam Heughan and Caitríona Balfe as Jamie and Claire, the illustrations in The Official Outlander Coloring Book are inspired by Diana’s novels.

Diana Gabaldon on Jamie and Claire Fraser of 'Outlander' Getting Colorful in Her New Book
Diana Gabaldon on Jamie and Claire Fraser of ‘Outlander’ Getting Colorful in Her New Book

“In fact, they can’t legally use any images (the actors’, I mean) from the show, as those belong to the actors and/or STARZ/Sony,” she goes on to say. “So, the images of Jamie, Claire, et al are generic, not based on Sam or Caitríona.”

The coloring books allow people to recreate images from their imaginations with color choices limited only by the number of crayons or colored pencils available, but Diana prefers to sketch her own pictures rather than color inside the lines.

Nonetheless, she was involved in the creation of the color books for both seasons, saying, “They showed me everything and asked for input, if I had any—and occasionally I do/did have suggestions (mostly to do with a mechanical issue, like the stance and hand position of two men fighting with sabers,” says the bestselling author, who fenced briefly in college but also did a lot of research into swords and swordsmanship to write the books.

Diana Gabaldon on Jamie and Claire Fraser of 'Outlander' Getting Colorful in Her New Book
Diana Gabaldon on Jamie and Claire Fraser of ‘Outlander’ Getting Colorful in Her New Book

Adult coloring books were created for a variety of purposes, including stress relief and a pleasant hobby that does not involve technology. It gets individuals away from their phones and helps them to use the right side of their brain for creativity.

“I love a huge variety of colorful crayons or pencils,” Diana said. “I understand that coloring is soothing and/or distracting, but I normally read, watch show dailies or music videos (I love television, but seldom have time to watch it), or go walk, if I want to be soothed or distracted.”

Even as a child, she says she wasn’t into coloring books. “I was much more into paper dolls and their outfits—my mother would draw us paper dolls on thin cardboard, and we’d design (and color) their clothes,” she explains.

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