Deion Sanders Suspends Former FSU Football Transfer From Colorado Buffaloes

Bishop Thomas, a former defensive tackle for Florida State, has been suspended indefinitely by Colorado head coach Deion Sanders for breaching the rules of the team. A suspension was handed down to Thomas prior to the conclusion of the 2023 season, as reported by Buffs Beat.

The standout from Bishop Moore Catholic was a member of the recruiting class that Florida State University had in 2022. After spending the spring before his second season in Tallahassee, he made the decision to move to Colorado’s baseball team.

Deion Sanders Suspends Former FSU Football Transfer From Colorado Football - Sports Illustrated Florida State Seminoles News, Analysis and More

The fate of Thomas for the 2024 season with the Buffaloes is “still being evaluated,” according to the documentary series “Coach Prime” which is available on Amazon Video video streaming service.

There were two games that Thomas participated in during the 2022 season for the Seminoles. One of those games was against Boston College, which they won 44-14 at Doak Campbell Stadium. Thomas recorded an assisted tackle during that game.

Colorado Buffaloes' Deion Sanders Suspends Former FSU Football Transfer - Salonspa

Over the course of 2023, the 6-foot-2, 295-pound tackle participated in nine games while playing for the Buffaloes. The total number of tackles he made was six, and he made two of them for a loss. Thomas got three tackles and one tackle for loss during the Buffaloes’ victory over Arizona State, which was his best game statistically speaking. On offense, he also played the position of fullback in circumstances involving short-yardage scenarios.

Regarding the defensive tackle room at Florida State, the team will be losing several key players during this offseason. These players include Braden Fiske, Malcolm Ray, and Dennis Briggs, whose status will be determined by a waiver this time around.

Colorado Buffaloes' Deion Sanders Suspends Former FSU Football Transfer - Salonspa
According to the present configuration of the defensive tackle group, there will be a minimum of six scholarship players. These players will consist of redshirt junior Darrell Jackson, redshirt junior Joshua Farmer, redshirt sophomore Daniel Lyons, redshirt freshman KJ Sampson, true freshman Jamorie Flagg, and true freshman D’Nas White. There is still a lack of clarity regarding Briggs’s situation, and Ray is publicly investigating alternative possibilities within the portal.

Among the members of the program who have just joined Sanders in Boulder is DJ Lundy, a former linebacker for Florida State University who has recently transferred to Colorado. A number of players, including defensive end Derrick McLendon, linebacker Brendan Gant, cornerback Travis Jay, and safety Omarion Cooper, have previously transferred from the Seminoles to the Buffaloes.

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