Deion Sanders criticizes Dallas; 49ers take star comments as motivation.

As a result of the humiliating loss they suffered at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night, the Dallas Cowboys are an easy target for the national media this week. The futures of head coach Mike McCarthy and quarterback Dak Prescott have been called into doubt, and others have questioned the overall toughness of the roster and where they stand in comparison to the best teams in the National Football Conference (NFC).

Deion Sanders criticizes Dallas; 49ers take star comments as motivation.
Deion Sanders criticizes Dallas; 49ers take star comments as motivation.

Deion Sanders, who has made Colorado the most popular college football team in his first year on the job, was impressed with the performance. Sanders has made Colorado the most popular college football team.

Sanders, who has won the Super Bowl and been named to the All-Pro team three times while playing for the Cowboys, made an appearance on “Inside the NFL” and defended Prescott, whom he believes is significantly more talented than what he demonstrated on Sunday. Sanders was quite critical of Dallas’ roster, particularly the “dogs,” or standout players, who did not put up much of a fight after the 49ers took an early lead. Sanders’ criticism extended beyond Dak to the entire team.

Cowboys News: Deion Sanders criticizes Dallas, 49ers use statement for Week 5 Motivation

“The Cowboys have guys that are supposed to be dogs,” Sanders added, and then there was a pregnant wait that followed. Doesn’t that capture the essence of the situation? It is not worth your time to watch the All-22 or a replay of the game. During the first four quarters of the game, it was clear that the 49ers were the ones who were bullying Dallas.


While the Cowboys were able to force three outs and punt back and forth with a pair of goal-line stops, including causing Christian McCaffrey to fumble the ball, San Francisco could put a fifty-dollar bill on the scoreboard if they so desired. As the fourth quarter progressed, they decided to call off the dogs after Dak had thrown interceptions on three separate drives to start the game.

The Cowboys must take a good, hard look at themselves. During their time there, McCarthy might be able to establish a rule that prohibits trash language.

Micah Parsons has continued to chirp the 49ers in the aftermath of the 32-point loss, and as a consequence, Deebo Samuel has roasted him for his behavior.

The Dallas Cowboys spent weeks promoting the game, and in the process, they provided the 49ers with content for their bulletin board. According to Deommodore Lenoir, a defensive back for San Francisco, head coach Kyle Shanahan reportedly presented a video clip from DeMarcus Lawrence at a team meeting following the Cowboys’ victory over the Jets in Week 2.


“You just witnessed the best defense in the world; we don’t care about anybody else,” Lawrence said on NFL Network following the second week of the season. “They’ve got to come match our energy.”

Let it be enough to say that the video made the difference. To add insult to injury (or insult to insult), Lenoir was aware that the Cowboys were nothing but chatter.

During the game, Lenoir made the following statement: “Man, I told y’all: We’re the best defense in the league, and we’re the best team in the league.” Their interest in the [hype] was clear. They want all of the clicks and other things. This is a football game. Yes, it is what we do. Nothing about the noise from the outside is a concern for us. For the first four quarters, we simply line up and play.

It doesn’t get much better than that, does it? For Dallas to keep its head down and concentrate on playing football, what else is going to be required of them?

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