Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott’s $4-year, $24.9M contract and DeMarco Murray’s.

The Cowboys were the last team to sign draft picks, compared to other teams. Wednesday was the day that four of the nine rookies signed their contracts.

A standout was Ezekiel Elliott, who was selected in the fourth round.
Elliott is expected to receive a signing bonus of $16.3 million in addition to a guaranteed salary of $24.9 million over the course of four years, according to a source. Since Trent Richardson, who was selected third overall in 2012, had a contract worth twenty million dollars, the rookie running back’s deal is the highest since then.

Knowing the Cowboys homecoming may be emotional, Ezekiel Elliott concentrates on the Patriots.

Amari Cooper, who was selected fourth overall in the previous draft, was awarded a guaranteed sum of $22.7 million over the course of four years.

At a total of $6.225 million, Elliott is ranked sixth among running backs in the National Football League by Spotrac. Compared to DeMarco Murray, who is a running back for the Tennessee Titans and makes $6.5 million annually, Elliott’s salary is slightly lower.

There is a fifth-year option available for every first-round pick.
Cornerback Anthony Brown, safety Kavon Frazier, and running back Darius Jackson were all additions to the Cowboys’ roster after they were selected in the sixth round.

Former Dallas RB Ezekiel Elliott Workout Video Goes Viral

Stephen Jones, the executive vice president of the Cowboys, came forward on Thursday to explain why none of their draft picks had signed with the team.

Jones stated, “Those things aren’t that difficult,” saying that they are not. There will be a conclusion. This was the year that we wanted to examine. A few minor improvements have been made to the contract, but it is quite unlikely that anyone else would find these changes determine the number of teams that mastered them. We felt that this year we might be able to take a deep breath, take a look at how everyone is handling their contracts, make some remarks, and then officially sign these individuals.

“There is no issue. Individuals that are good are a representation of magnificent men. We will complete it.”

A number of players, including linebacker Jaylon Smith from the second round, defensive lineman Maliek Collins from the third round, defensive end Charles Tapper from the fourth round, quarterback Dak Prescott from the fourth round, and tight end Rico Gathers from the sixth round, have not yet signed contracts.

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