Cowboys Emerge as ‘Sleeper’ to Trade for 3-Time Pro Bowl Playmaker: Insider

As the NFL continues to link the Dallas Cowboys to Derrick Henry, a prominent player for the Tennessee Titans, the rumors surrounding the Cowboys are getting more and more heated. Tony Pauline, an NFL source for Sportskeeda, identified the Cowboys as a potential sleeper team to trade for Henry earlier this week.

In the event that the Titans are willing to absorb a portion of Henry’s contract, the likelihood of Dallas reaching a deal increases. “The Dallas Cowboys are the sleeper team expected to be in the market for Henry,” Pauline wrote on October 26, 2023. “They are expected to be trading for Henry.”

Cowboys Emerge as 'Sleeper' to Trade for 3-Time Pro Bowl Playmaker: Insider - anchors bar

Many people are of the opinion that Henry might end up playing for the Cowboys in the National Football Conference East if Tennessee is ready to take a portion of the money that is still owed on his deal, which is thought to be somewhere around $9 million. Having released Ezekiel Elliott in March, the Cowboys put Tony Pollard at the top of their depth chart. Pollard is a player that they franchised after the release of Elliott. Pollard’s ability to make huge plays as a ball carrier and pass catcher is considered to be the ideal balance to Henry’s power running style, which serves as the perfect match. The owner of the team, Jerry Jones, made it clear that the franchise was interested in making substantial changes before the NFL trading deadline during the previous season.

Despite this, nothing of note was able to materialize. Jones has expressed a lack of optimism over the likelihood of the team making a deal this year. To put it another way, until the NFL trade deadline, which is on October 31, has passed, you should take what Jones has to say with a grain of salt to heart.

Michael Gehlken of The Dallas Morning News reported that Jones said, “I don’t see anything heated up to a level that would cause something to happen.” “Even if we don’t make any moves before the trade deadline, I believe that we have a club that is capable of getting us to the destination that we want to be. The remaining portion of Henry’s contract, which is $10.5 million, and the $16.3 million cap charge for 2023 are the primary concerns regarding a possible deal.

Cowboys Emerge as 'Sleeper' to Trade for 3-Time Pro Bowl Playmaker: Insider - Salonspa

Pauline stated that the Cowboys would actively seek out the Titans in order to steal some of Henry’s money. The fact that Henry is currently in the final season of a four-year contract worth $50 million is a piece of good news for the Cowboys about this potential agreement. If the Cowboys were to make a trade for Henry, it would not restrict their ability to extend the contracts of their key players. Spotrac reports that the Cowboys have a cap space of approximately $11.7 million, which is sufficient for them to make a big addition to their roster.

If the Cowboys were to acquire Henry, they would have the opportunity to evaluate how well the elite player would fit into their offense before making a commitment. In 2024, Henry and Tony Pollard, who is now the starting running back for the Cowboys, will both be free agents. The market value of Henry is estimated by Spotrac to be $21.3 million over a period of two years.

To provide a point of perspective, Pollard is now contributing to Dallas with a franchise tag of ten million dollars. When it comes to Pollard’s next deal, the market value is twenty million dollars for three years. In spite of the fact that he is 29 years old, Henry still keeps a lot of energy in his tank. According to the ratings provided by Pro Football Focus, Henry has received an 84.3 (out of 100) in the first seven games.

When combined with Pollard’s quickness and ability to catch passes, Henry’s physical style would be an ideal complement to Pollard’s game. Henry has accomplished 98 carries for a total of 425 yards and three touchdowns in 2023, with an average of 4.3 yards per rush. Additionally, during this time, the star has a total of 13 receptions for 137 yards.

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