colorado self-reported a number of minor ncaa violations in football under deion sanders

Deion Sanders started energizing the program as soon as he joined the Colorado football team in late 2022. Sanders and his staff have nearly totally reversed a roster that won only one game the season before he arrived, producing one that was significantly more competitive this past season. This is although the team finished with a record of 4–8 at the end of the 22nd season.

Sanders’s aggressive recruitment strategies, particularly in the transfer portal, have caused a stir throughout the entire sport. He has also received some notice from the NCAA as a result of their efforts.

According to USA Today, there have been eleven violations against the state of Colorado since Sanders’ hiring. The school went ahead and self-reported each of the infractions, which are all regarded as very minor. There is a somewhat high incidence of violations of this kind among the best college football programs, and the NCAA rarely takes severe disciplinary action in response to these violations.


colorado self-reported a number of minor ncaa violations in football under deion sanders
colorado self-reported some minor NCAA violations in football under Deion Sanders

A number of the infractions are associated with activities like recruiting, which can take place on campus as well as on social media. An overview of all eleven:

On December 22nd, Sanders’s social team shared a picture on their social media account that depicted a spreadsheet of unsigned students. After waiting for ten minutes, the post was removed.
During the same month, a high school coach for a player who had not yet entered the transfer portal emailed a transcript to the staff at Colorado. The athlete was immediately removed from Colorado’s roster, according to the report.

A video that Sanders had posted to Instagram on January 23 displaying voluntary team activities was republished by Sanders. The short footage was broadcast live for around twenty minutes before it was taken off.
It was during the same month that a recruit named Cormani McClain, who was a cornerback, was featured in a picture that was taken “while wearing a uniform on the field, lined up across a coaching staff member (Sanders). ” This was a violation of the rule that prohibits “gameday simulations.”

Deion Sanders
colorado self-reported a number of minor NCAA violations in football under Deion Sanders

The picture of McClain was uploaded to social media by a website, which constitutes a second infringement that emanated at the time. This corner would end up committing to Colorado, where he would go on to play as a freshman in the year 23.

During May in 2018, players who were not active members of the transfer portal participated in a camp in Colorado that was available to high school and transfer recruiters. In June, a two-week recruiting suspension was imposed as a result of the breach.

In May, Sanders performed an Instagram Live session, during which he included a recruit named Aaron Butler as a featured participant. USA Today had identified Butler as the recruit. Later on, Butler would change his mind and pledge to go to Texas instead of Colorado.

During that particular month, Andre Hart, the linebackers coach, took a picture with a prospective player, and the player immediately uploaded it to social media “before the first permissible date to have in-person contact.”

Deion Sanders
colorado self-reported a number of minor NCAA violations in football under Deion Sanders

The University of Colorado went above and beyond the NCAA’s staffing requirements in August by having an intern who was not one of the team’s five official strength and conditioning coaches lead a yoga session for the entire squad.

During an unapproved visit, a prospective student managed to get admission to a premium seating location during the Buffaloes’ game against USC on September 30. This was a violation of the rules.

Matt McChesney, a former player for Colorado, and his son, a 2028 recruit, were there for a pregame locker room speech. During the game against Stanford in October, the recruit ran onto the field with the players, which is a violation of a rule that prohibits “gameday situations.”

The minor breaches that have occurred have not slowed Colorado’s momentum in recruiting. The high school class of 2024 for the program is quite small, but it features Jordan Seaton, who is considered to be one of the best offensive linemen in the country. This is an important factor considering the difficulties that the squad experienced in the offensive line position in the year 23. Additionally, the Buffaloes have been successful in acquiring a selection of highly regarded transfers, which includes players from Alabama, Houston, Kentucky, LSU, Oklahoma State, and TCU, among others.

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