Mushroom, Lentil, and Chestnut Mince Pie is the ideal vegetarian centrepiece.2


With a filling of roasted mushrooms, black lentils, chestnuts, and mushroom duxelles, this completely vegetarian mince pie dish is ideal for a holiday feast. Inspired by British-reared meat pies, this striking savory pastry has a completely vegetarian filling of roasted kale, mushrooms, and chestnuts. This vegetarian mince pie has a light, flaky crust that is sturdy enough to support the …

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Easy Salmon Cakes

A tasty way to increase your omega-3 intake is these nutritious salmon cakes. It’s also a terrific way to use leftover salmon or salmon in a can. Nutrition Notes Are Salmon Cakes Healthy? Salmon is a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. When shopping for canned salmon, look for wild-caught salmon. Wild-caught salmon is lower in contaminants than farmed salmon. They …

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