Buccaneers Predicted to Lose $82.5 Million Star to Bears.

There are not many instances that will be more interesting this offseason in terms of NFL free agency than the one involving Mike Evans, a wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Evans is 30 years old and is coming off his tenth consecutive season in Tampa Bay in which he reached 1,000 yards. A player who was drafted and nurtured by the Buccaneers, he is a player who has seen the Buccaneers go through four different coaches and four different major starting quarterbacks during his stay with the team.

He is as much of an icon as any other player in Buccaneers history. A forecast made by ESPN, on the other hand, suggests that Evans is in the midst of his final season with the Buccaneers. As part of its forecast for significant shifts in the National Football League, the website forecasts that the Chicago Bears will be the team to sign Evans following the impending playoff run of the squad.

Buccaneers Predicted to Lose $82.5 Million Star to Bears.

The Bears will purchase a quarterback with the first overall pick and then invest in that quarterback by signing Mike Evans, who is considered to be one of the best wide receivers available as a free agent. “Evans has a streak of ten consecutive seasons in which he compiles 1,000 yards, and he would be a great complement to DJ Moore in this offense,” analyst Aaron Schatz wrote on the website.

WRs in the NFL are rewarded for free agency, even older ones.
The amount of money that Evans brings in through free agency in the NFL will be the most important question for both the Buccaneers and Evans. The fact that he is thirty years old tends to reduce the value of a player. On the other hand, this has not been the case with wide receivers, as demonstrated by the fact that Davante Adams signed a contract with the Raiders that was for 140 million dollars over five years.

Buccaneers Predicted to Lose $82.5 Million Star to Bears.

Evans is coming off of a contract that he signed in 2018 that was worth $82.5 million over five years. According to Spotrac’s projections, he is worthy of a 4-year contract of $96 million.

In his article regarding Evans, cap expert Mike Ginnitti of Spotrac wrote the following: “Despite breaking the 30-year-old mark this past season, Mike Evans hasn’t slowed down one bit.” As he enters the offseason, he will be considered the best available weapon in all of football, and our system is estimating that he will receive a contract worth $96 million over four years. When all is said and done, a tag price of more than $28 million is perhaps too much for Tampa Bay to bite on.

Pro Football Focus makes the following projections regarding his free agency: An additional starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Another season in which Mike Evans accumulated 1,000 yards… According to the most recent crop of players, including Davante Adams, who effectively signed a three-year, $67.7 million contract with the Las Vegas Raiders, there is no reason for him to ask for a lower salary than what the other players have received.

Buccaneers Predicted to Lose $82.5 Million Star to Bears.

In terms of the contract, the projections are as follows: three years, $69 million ($23 million a year), and a total guarantee of $52.5 million.

For the Buccaneers, the loss of Mike Evans would be a devastating blow.
Evans expressed his willingness to extend his contract with the Buccaneers throughout the offseason; however, no agreement was achieved between the two parties. It was at the beginning of the first week that he decided to set a deadline for extension negotiations.

After that, he committed to refrain from discussing his free agency and instead concentrate on the season. It was a commitment that he would keep. When he was asked about his contract status in December, he responded by saying, “When that moment comes, it will come, but right now, I’m focused on trying to get this team to the playoffs.”

Not only would the loss of Evans be devastating in terms of his superstar productivity, but it would also be a significant blow in terms of the level-headed veteran leadership that he provides to the table. When it comes to wide receivers, he is a steady hand and a true professional in this day and age of divs.

During the previous week, offensive coordinator Dave Canales made the following statement: “The competitiveness of the guy – he just keeps playing.” Simply put, he never stops coming up with new ways to fight and scrap. When it comes down to it, Mike is just a humble man. Not only were there games in which he had every reason to be frustrated, but there were also games in which we were having a difficult time, and he never turned on the offense. Regarding Mike and these matters, he never made a big deal out of nothing.

“All he did was keep working, and by the time he got to the next drive, he had figured out a method to go back to being focused. In addition to being a blessing to me, that is something that I have a great deal of respect for him.

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