Billionaire Cowboy Owner Pays $250m For New Super Yacht2

The outcome of the Dallas Cowboys winning the Super Bowl this year is still to be determined, however, owner Jerry Jones has already achieved significant success. The billionaire entrepreneur has invested a staggering $250 million in Oceanco’s Project Bravo superyacht. The vessel is 357 feet in length, which is longer than the distance of a football field, equivalent to 119 yards. The property features two helipads, a garage for smaller boats and Jet Skis, a gym, and a complete spa with a massage area and sauna.

According to CBS Dallas, Jones acquired Project Bravo in December. In addition to its extravagant comforts, his new toy is also environmentally conscious, to the extent that yachts can be. The yacht was introduced to the market in November of the previous year and is Oceanco’s inaugural vessel featuring the “LIFE” (Lengthened, Innovative, Fuel-Efficient, and Eco-Friendly) design.

Billionaire Cowboy Owner Pays $250m For New Super Yacht

“The LIFE design utilizes advanced hybrid propulsion, which includes a substantial battery capacity, and is complemented by a single-tier engine room that enables innovative utilization of space for exceptional luxury accommodations,” stated James Roy, the managing director of Lateral Naval Architects, in an interview with Robb Report last year.

Pascale Reymond, from the UK-based design firm Reymond Langton Design, was responsible for creating the interior of Project Bravo. She mentioned that her team collaborated with skilled artists and craftsmen to create custom-made artwork, furniture, and fabrics for the boat. There is no information available regarding the specific content of the customized painting.

However, it is worth noting that Jones is an established art connoisseur, known for appreciating a wide range of artists, from renowned figures such as Picasso and Ellsworth Kelly to contemporary art sensations like Jenny Holzer, Eva Rothschild, and Anish Kapoor. Jones and his wife, Gene, possess a modern art collection that is located within the Dallas Cowboys AT&T stadium. (Texas is known for its larger-than-life proportions in various aspects.)

Billionaire Cowboy Owner Pays $250m For New Super Yacht

Prior to becoming the NFL’s most prominent owner, Jones amassed his wealth from ventures in oil wildcatting and investments in oil drilling, retail, and residential real estate developments in Dallas. According to Forbes, the current net worth of the Texas magnate is $6.8 billion. The Cowboys, with a valuation of $5 billion, presently represent his most valuable asset. In 1989, he acquired the franchise for a sum of $150 million. Since then, it has achieved victory in three Super Bowls.

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