Big trade moves shake up newest mock in 2024 draft by Daniel Jeremiah

As part of his most recent mock draft for the 2024 NFL draft, Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network predicted that there will be two significant deals.

Jeremiah predicted that the Minnesota Vikings would move up to the fourth overall pick in order to acquire the quarterback J.J. McCarthy from the University of Michigan. Additionally, in order to draft Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr., the New York Jets made a trade that moved them up to the fifth overall pick.

Daniel Jeremiah 2024 NFL mock draft 3.0: Vikings go get J.J. McCarthy; Jets jump for Marvin Harrison Jr.
It may not be a question of if or not the Vikings will select a quarterback in the 2024 draft; rather, it may be a question of how aggressively they will do so.

Kirk Cousins, the starting quarterback for Minnesota, left the team to pursue free agency, and the only thing the front management has done to cover his absence is to sign Sam Darnold.McCarthy, along with Caleb Williams of USC, Drake Maye of North Carolina, and Jayden Daniels of LSU, will almost probably not be available to the Vikings when they are on the clock at No. 11 in the selection. This presents a problem from the perspective of the draft. To use a pick in the top ten for him, however, could be considered a big reach that would come at the expense of one or two additional valuable draft assets.

According to the NFL Scouting Department of Bleacher Report, McCarthy is ranked as the 54th overall player on the big board this year. He was compared to Baker Mayfield by B/R scout Derrik Klassen, which is not exactly the highest praise someone could give.

Despite this, the Vikings may have no other option but to go all in on McCarthy because the departure of Cousins has left them with very few other options.Daniel Jeremiah 2024 NFL mock draft 1.0: Bears, Commanders, Patriots, Saints pick quarterbacks

It is possible that the Jets’ determination to pursue Harrison will be dependant on whether or not they are successful in signing wide receiver Mike Williams, who is a free agent. Although the team is excited to have the former pass-catcher for the Los Angeles Chargers come in for a visit this week, he is aware that he is not the only player on his radar.

In 2023, Williams was only able to play in three games because of a damaged anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). However, there is a good chance that his arrival would prevent the Jets from making a significant splash in the draft when it comes to receivers, given that they already have Garrett Wilson on their roster. Receivers will be near the top of New York’s draft needs in the event that Williams decides to go elsewhere. This is due to the fact that relying on Xavier Gipson or Jason Brownlee as the No. 2 option is not going to be sufficient for a franchise hoping to achieve significant success in 2024.

The addition of Harrison would be a significant boost to the passing game, and he would be a player who would justify moving up from the tenth overall pick to the top five.

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