Biden Leads Trump By 5 Points In Key Swing State: No Celebration Yet After Two-Month Gain Of 9 Points – 2

A new poll in Pennsylvania shows President Joe Biden with a significant edge over GOP nominee and former President Donald Trump, in stark contrast to other swing-state polls.

What Happened: According to a Susquehanna Polling poll shared by Penn Live, the following findings reflect a head-to-head fight between the two leading contenders, with January poll results in parentheses.
Joe Biden: fifty percent (47%)
Donald Trump received 45% (36%)

Biden has a five-point advantage and 50% of the vote, with 5% remaining undecided (17%).

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However, Trump, whose first criminal trial is scheduled for April 15, has garnered more support than the current president among Pennsylvania voters in the last two months.

“Trump HAS to match or exceed his 2016 margins in conservative areas of the Commonwealth to win, especially because Biden’s lead in the collar counties around Philadelphia is even larger than what he won this same area by in the past,” James Lee, the president of Susquehanna County, said.

Some 39% of Pennsylvania voters approve of Biden’s performance as president. Fifty-five percent of voters disagree.
Why It is Important: Candidates see Pennsylvania as a critical battleground state for the 2024 presidential election.

The local Democratic Party has lately opened 14 offices throughout the state. The final one will open in Philadelphia on March 30, according to the Pennsylvania Capital-Star.

The Pittsburgh office launched on March 23.

The Commonwealth has 19 electoral votes. It is tied for fifth place with Illinois, behind only California (54), Texas (40), Florida (30), and New York (28).

Since 1992, Pennsylvania has elected a Democratic presidential candidate in every election, except 2016 and Trump. Before that span, the Keystone State voted for Republican presidential candidates in three consecutive elections (1980, 1984, and 1988).

The remaining six swing states for the 2024 election are Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.

Biden carried six of the seven swing states in 2020. Trump, who has twice been impeached, won North Carolina.

Biden won five of the six swing states, including Pennsylvania, which had voted for Trump in the 2016 election.

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