‘1883’ Season 2 Is a Go, and Taylor Sheridan Will Tell More Dutton Stories in ‘1932

“1883,” the prequel to the immensely popular series “Yellowstone,” has taken the streaming world by storm. Created by Taylor Sheridan, the show’s journey from a mere idea to a full-fledged series on Paramount+ is nothing short of remarkable. In just seven months, Sheridan’s vision became a reality, and it didn’t take long for the hard work to pay off. “1883” has become a massive hit and has recently been renewed for a second season.

While Paramount+ does not publicly disclose viewer statistics, it has shared that “1883” has claimed the coveted title of being the number one show on the platform. The show’s audience size has doubled over the course of its first eight episodes, a testament to its widespread appeal and success. The series delves into the origins of the Dutton family, offering viewers a captivating and immersive experience.

‘1883’ Season 2 Is a Go, and Taylor Sheridan Will Tell More Dutton Stories in ‘1932
‘1883’ Season 2 Is a Go, and Taylor Sheridan Will Tell More Dutton Stories in ‘1932


Taylor Sheridan, the creative genius behind “Yellowstone” and “1883,” is not resting on his laurels. In an exciting development, he has announced a lineup of five new shows, further expanding his rapidly evolving universe. Among these projects is another “Yellowstone” prequel titled “1932.” This move promises to satiate the hunger of fans eager to explore the rich history of the Dutton family and their sprawling ranch. Sheridan’s storytelling prowess and ability to craft compelling narratives within this world have generated enormous anticipation for what “1932” will bring.

The success of “Yellowstone” and “1883” has clearly demonstrated the strength of Taylor Sheridan’s storytelling and the insatiable appetite of the audience for more tales from the American West. Paramount+ recognizes this and has rewarded both shows with renewals, ensuring that fans can look forward to more of the stories they love.

In summary, “1883” has exceeded all expectations with its rapid rise to success on Paramount+, leading to the announcement of a second season and five new projects by creator Taylor Sheridan, including the highly anticipated “1932.” The Dutton family saga and the allure of the American frontier continue to captivate audiences, promising even more adventures and storytelling excellence in the future.

‘1883’ was prioritized by ViacomCBS to help launch Paramount+.

In early 2021, when Taylor Sheridan inked his monumental $200 million deal with ViacomCBS, which has since been rebranded as Paramount Global, the primary objective was to bolster their streaming service, Paramount+. The company was in the midst of a transformation, rebranding the existing CBS All Access platform and gearing up to compete fiercely in the burgeoning streaming wars.

Sheridan, renowned for his work in the modern western genre, presented his pilot script for “1883” to Paramount, and it was an instant hit. The network was captivated by the narrative, and they conveyed their urgency. They needed the series to debut in a mere seven months to coincide with the high-stakes launch of Paramount+.

This tight deadline was a testament to the trust and excitement that Paramount had in Sheridan’s creative prowess. They were counting on his ability to craft compelling stories that would not only capture the audience’s attention but also contribute to the streaming platform’s competitiveness in an increasingly crowded market.

Taylor Sheridan

‘1883’ Season 2 Is a Go, and Taylor Sheridan Will Tell More Dutton Stories in ‘1932
‘1883’ Season 2 Is a Go, and Taylor Sheridan Will Tell More Dutton Stories in ‘1932

In a fast-paced and competitive streaming landscape, Sheridan’s “1883” series became an essential part of Paramount’s strategy to attract subscribers and make a bold statement in the ever-expanding world of digital entertainment.

Taylor Sheridan claims he has never heard the word ‘no’.

David Sheridan expressed his formidable ambition in creating a new television show. Facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge, he asserted that it was unfeasible to launch the show within a mere seven months. His predicament lay in the absence of a cast, suitable locations, and an insufficient number of scripts.

Sheridan unequivocally conveyed to the network that success would necessitate a substantial infusion of financial resources. He emphasized the need for comprehensive support, encompassing not only the critical elements of the show but also the necessary tools, personnel, and collaborative team.

‘1883’ Season 2 Is a Go, and Taylor Sheridan Will Tell More Dutton Stories in ‘1932
‘1883’ Season 2 Is a Go, and Taylor Sheridan Will Tell More Dutton Stories in ‘1932

With resolute determination, Sheridan vouched for the quality of the first episode he had crafted, asserting it was his magnum opus. He candidly communicated that, without adequate time to refine it, he required every available resource. Trust from the network was paramount, and he assured them that the endeavor would be challenging. Despite the potential hurdles, the network did not utter the word “no,” endorsing Sheridan’s audacious vision.

The second season of ‘1883’ has begun.

Sheridan, the creator of the hit series Yellowstone, successfully launched the prequel 1883 in December 2021, featuring a star-studded cast including Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Sam Elliott. The show’s first season’s success led to Paramount+ promptly renewing it for a second season. The Wall Street Journal reported that the upcoming season of 1883, with 14 episodes instead of the usual 10, will air in the fall, coinciding with the middle of Yellowstone season 5. The network plans to split season 5 into two halves, with the first part airing in the fall, followed by 1883 season 2 on Paramount+. The second half of Yellowstone season 5 will return in 2023.

Another ‘Yellowstone’ prequel is on the way.

The release timing for the new seasons of Yellowstone and 1883 is carefully planned as part of an intentional expansion of Taylor Sheridan’s shared universe. In addition to these series, a new Yellowstone prequel, titled “1932,” is set to debut by the end of the year. This prequel will explore another generation of the Dutton family during the Prohibition and the Great Depression. Sheridan chose this era to depict the children from 1883 as they attempt to raise the next generation of Duttons in a Wild West transforming into a playground for the wealthy from the East. The success of 1883 has led to an accelerated production schedule for all things related to Yellowstone.

The success of ‘1883’ gave Paramount the confidence to keep up the quick pace and high standards.

Chris McCarthy, CEO of ViacomCBS Media Networks and MTV Entertainment Studios, is determined to capitalize on the success of “Yellowstone” and “1883” rather than risking their franchise. With the creative genius of Taylor Sheridan, they’re expanding the Yellowstone universe, creating new opportunities. They’ll employ a dual approach of traditional TV on the Paramount Network and streaming via Paramount+. Fans will get a taste of Sheridan’s new shows on TV, much like they did with “1883,” but to access the full series, they’ll need to subscribe to Paramount+. This strategy leverages the success of “Yellowstone” and introduces fans to the Duttons’ origin story.

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