10 Fake Optical Illusion Photos

These optical illusion photographs have more going on than meets the eye!
You’re probably familiar with optical illusions, which are visuals that change into something different when you squint or have two meanings at once. However, optical illusion photographs are something else entirely. These are real-life images of optical illusions that are worth a second look! Some even become viral on the internet.

Do you recall the white and gold (or was it blue and black?) clothing, or the pink and white/teal and gray Nike shoe? The debate raged, but it all boils down to a trick of the eye, lighting, or perspective. Can you figure out what these photos are showing you? Or will you be duped by the illusion?

Computer motherboard?

Or perhaps just densely populated apartment towers viewed from an odd vantage point? This historic residential building on Hong Kong Island appears to be a canyon of glass and concrete when viewed from the street level. It is jagged with balconies and air conditioning units that are fixed on the windows. Get lost in the intricate intricacies of this optical illusion photograph; but, make sure you don’t lose your balance in the process.

Four-alarm fire?

Or the enchantment of soil? The red sandstone walls of Mule Canyon in Utah look like they are being illuminated by the rising sun, creating a real-life optical illusion above these Anasazi ruins. House on Fire is the moniker that visitors have given to the website, and it is not hard to understand why.

These homes are thought to be older than 800 years, according to this estimation. When you take a look inside, you will get a feel of the human history that has occurred at this location: Smoke streaks on the roof tell the tale of evenings spent inside the house in the distant past.

Blue clay?

Or is there a clear and compelling cause to change your course? This breathtakingly beautiful block of ice from the Arctic has broken off from a glacier and is now floating in the North Sea, just off the coast of England, where it has posed for this photograph of an optical illusion. Because up to ninety percent of an iceberg’s mass is concealed beneath the ocean, it is essential to maintain a safe distance. A berg that was said to be one of the largest in history covered an area of ice than 12,000 square miles, which is greater than Belgium!

Lava on another planet?

Or a remarkable natural optical illusion phenomenon that occurs on our planet? The Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park is the largest hot spring in the United States. It is 370 feet wide and emanates water at a temperature of about 200 degrees Fahrenheit from the earth in the center of the clear blue spring. The water is cooled to approximately 131 degrees Fahrenheit in the rivulets which are reddish-brown. When the water is cooler, there is a wider variety of light-reflecting bacteria that dwell there. This results in a breathtaking rainbow display that the explorer Ferdinand Hayden described as “a privilege and a blessing” to see.

Underwater waterfall?

Or is it simply a natural occurrence that occurs in the extremely clear sea that surrounds the island of Mauritius? Sand is being pushed out of an undersea shelf in the Indian Ocean known as the Mascarene Plateau, which is the subject of this mind-boggling optical illusion photograph.

Penthouse pool?

Lakes along the coast? With its optical illusion, this photograph of Lake Sørvágsvatn in the Faroe Islands (which are located between Iceland and Norway) gives the impression that it is situated at a height of several hundred feet above the water. The lake is only around half a meter above the water’s surface! At one end of the lake, there is a waterfall that dramatically plunges into the water; yet, when this breathtaking image is captured from the appropriate perspective, the lake appears to be a natural infinity pool that is suspended over the North Sea.

Road to nowhere?

Or an ingenious mural? At first glance, it appears as though this individual is proceeding in a direct direction along the road towards a city that is filled with tall skyscrapers… till you realize that it is already nighttime at the location he is going! This is one of those tricks of perspective that may confound the viewer’s perception.

Infinity pier?

Or is it only a brief one? Even though the Cherry Grove Pier is located in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and extends out into the water for a distance of 985 feet, this optical illusion photograph makes it appear as though it continues forever. In the 1950s, the pier was constructed, but in 1999, after Hurricane Floyd had passed through, it was modified to be longer. It is now a well-known fishing spot as well as a tourism destination.

Two-headed zebra?

Or are two zebras standing shoulder to shoulder? When these stripy friends stand next to each other, they blend in—except for the extra legs. Did you know that zebras are supposed to have black coats with white stripes, not the other way around? This is because black fur is colored by melanin, but white fur is colorless due to a lack of melanin. As a result, black is considered the zebra’s default color. They also have black skin beneath the fur!

Sinking building?

Or a dastardly optical illusion photo? This beautiful building in Paris seems to be sinking, but it’s a trick: It’s the green lawn that goes uphill. Just tilt the picture to line up the building straight, and you’ll see the French pigeons in the foreground making their way up a grassy green slope. Mon Dieu!

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