10 eye-catching nail art ideas for Pride Month 2024

Many of our favorite beauty trends and techniques that we utilize on a daily basis were initially accepted and mainstreamed by the LGBTQIA+ community. Drag queens invented the contouring, baking, and highlighting techniques that are now staples in all of our daily beauty regimens. Similar to this, queer nightlife and performance art frequently feature dramatic glitter and shimmer. The community that is always testing conventions and pushing the limits of established beauty standards gave rise to the popularization of exuberant and bold eyeshadow styles. Let’s send some much-needed flowers to the community that cleared the path this June.

10 eye-catching nail art ideas for Pride Month 2023

Pride Month, an occasion to honor the LGBTQIA+ community—a group rooted in bravery and self-expression—begins this week. Pride Month serves as a timely reminder of the need of acceptance, inclusivity, and appreciating the beauty of variety as well as of our continued struggle for equal rights. Nail art may be a great way to show your support for someone you care about through your appearance.

The rainbow’s colors are frequently used in Pride Month nail art designs as a symbol of LGBTQIA+ pride. Bright colors that stand for harmony and healing can be found in both the rainbow flag (created by Gilbert Baker in 1978) and the Progress Pride banner (redesigned by Daniel Quasar in 2018). The lambda, equal sign, and pink triangle are some well-known LGBTQIA+ symbols. Each has a deeper significance that should be acknowledged and appreciated. Add glitter or use glittering nail polish—either as a full coat or as accents on the tips or borders—to give your claws a little extra bling and flare.

20+ Latest Eye-Catching Nail Art Designs 2024 | Nail art, Summer nails, Nail colors

Therefore, whether you identify as an ally or are a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, get ready to look amazing while making a statement and advocating for the community’s rights during Pride Month. See the selection of distinctive, colorful nail art designs from Vogue Singapore below for ideas for your next manicure.

Eye-catching ombré

Our favorite nail trend is “Aura nails,” often known as airbrushed nails. Add striking chrome details to elevate the style.

Minimalism is key

Fans of more understated manicure styles will find this rainbow-tip design to be straightforward, stylish, and simple to execute.

Crystal claws

If you prefer something showier, these fierce, blinged-out talons are sure to make you stand out.

A little bit of everything

Channel your inner artist with this palette-inspired nail art design—a whimsical mix and match of elements.

Colourful doodles

Keep it cute by decorating your nails with doodles—play around with different colours, shapes, and sizes.

Rainbow road

Add a dash of glitter to make this wavy rainbow manicure pop.

3D gels

Dip your toes—or your nails–into an avant-garde look sculpted with multicoloured gel nail polish.

Dainty dried flowers

Switch up your plain French tip manicure with small sprigs of dried flowers, encapsulated under a top coat.

Iridescent chrome

Full chrome is the way to go if you’re looking for a colourful, shimmery nail art design that works great for a day out or night at the club.

Jelly drops

The dewdrop nail trend adds texture to your manicure, and complements a variety of base colours.

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