10 Best Border Flowers for Your Garden

Many landscapes employ flowers as a natural border, whether the goal is to soften the appearance of a road or sidewalk or to give color to your garden. In addition to offering structure, border flowers are great for attracting pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, to regions where there may not have been much pollen previously.

With so many lovely flowers to pick from, you want to be confident that the border plants you choose will give you the greatest return on investment in your garden. Because of this, you should give priority to planting flowers with a longer bloom season so that you may add color, structure, and dimension to your landscape.

Amsonia Habrichtii, a mounding plant with sky-blue blossoms, is an excellent border garden structural element. According to professional gardener Teri Speight, author of Black Flora: Profiles of Inspiring Black Flower Farmers and Florists, “A border should include something unexpected.” “This perennial starts out with a subtle blue bloom that sits atop slender stems.” Spring brings with it a complete bloom of greenery that comes out of the ground. “In autumn, Amsonia quietly glows as the foliage turns a golden yellow,” explains Speight.


This shrub comes in a variety of sizes to provide for several positioning options in a border and can add interest throughout the growth season. “Depending on the cultivar chosen, their tubular flowers may be abundant throughout the season or rebloom,” notes Pamm Cooper, an extension educator at the University of Connecticut Home and Garden Education Center. “Some have variegated foliage for further interest.” An additional benefit? These flowers draw hummingbirds and other pollinators in large numbers.

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Because perennials like veronica grow back year after year, they make excellent border flowers. Beeline Little Pink With its clumping growth pattern, Veronica can fill up a border area with stunning magenta blossoms. “Veronica does a fantastic job in my garden,” says Linda Vater, Southern Living Plant Collection’s plant expert. Pollinators like its extended blossoms and lustrous, deep green leaves.”Lantana
Latina is a heat-loving, long-blooming flower that puts on a show all summer long. “These are basically trouble-free annuals, featuring citrus-scented foliage, a variety of flower colors (many of which change as flowers mature), and blooms that last until frost,” Cooper explains. “They are also food sources for hummingbirds, butterflies, and pollinators,” Borders benefit greatly from annuals because they can be switched up every year for a new appearance.

Nepeta is an edging choice that is also environmentally friendly as it attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. “It softens the border’s edge, is drought resistant, and the purple-and-blue blooms are simply amazing,” Speight explains. In addition, the pollinator plant gives any border a striking, long-lasting, and disease-resistant accent. Two to three color flushes every season are usually achieved by cutting back the leaves after the perennial flowers.

There are many different heights, floral textures, and colors of dahlias, so you’re likely to find one that gives your flower border some individuality. Dahlias, on the shorter end, grow to a maximum height of 12 to 18 inches, giving the garden a sophisticated touch with their consistent color and height. “Dahlias can also accent specific areas of the garden, as they stand 36 to 48 inches tall or even higher,” Speight explains. Dahlias have a long bloom period, which is one of their main advantages over other flowers. From early June until the first heavy frost in the fall, these flowers are in bloom.


Best Border Flowers for Your Yard and Garden


One adaptable choice for a floral border is loropetalum, more especially Purple Daydream Dwarf Loropetalum. In spring, bursts of rich pink blossoms contrast with its dark purple evergreen leaves. Purple Daydream is one of the most beautiful varieties of Loropetalum, according to Sunset Plant Collection expert Janet Sluis. “Its growth is outward, not upward, which is a terrific feature when it comes to its utility in the landscape.” According to Sluis, the disease- and insect-resistant shrub flowers wonderfully and complement other plantings.

Large, vibrant blooms of peonies, a lovely perennial flower, appear in late spring or early summer. The disease-resistant ‘Coral Charm’ Peony, with its deep coral buds, is a more compact and thin choice for growing as a border. According to Laura Root of Jackson & Perkins, “add elegance to any garden with this classic hardy and strong perennial.” “The likelihood that peonies planted today will continue to bloom in a century is not surprising.” Peony flowers are heat-resistant and provide color over three distinct seasons.

Hydrangeas are one of the most identifiable summer blossoms and a gardener’s favorite flower. You’ll need to cultivate a more compact type, such as Hydrangea Everlasting Bride Bigleaf Hydrangea, for it to function as a border flower. Its robust stems hold up snowball-shaped clusters of blooms, and when cut, it looks stunning. “Your garden will be a match made in heaven with Everlasting Bride’s undeniable charisma,” adds Root. “It provides the highest level of satisfaction in a compact package.”

Roses in Drift
Drift roses offer color throughout the entire season and are perfect as a sprawling border across the edge of a sidewalk or path. Apricot Drift has vibrant green, disease-resistant foliage with double apricot blossoms that appear in the spring. According to Heidi Mortenson, bloomables brand manager and rose portfolio manager for Star Roses and Plants, “Drift Roses are a beautiful blend of groundcover roses and miniature roses that stay low and are a complement to other plant pairings around them.”

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